Tue, 29 Jun 2004

busy busy

Things have been pretty hectec the past little while. Getting ready to move soon which is looking to be a larger job than I had originally expected. I've got so much junk everywhere from the past years all piled up. I've been throwing out all kinds of stuff trying to get down to a reasonable amount of crap. So far so good though and just about everything is packed and ready to go I think. It'll be nice when all this is done and over with...

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Thu, 24 Jun 2004

long day

Well I woke up this morning thinking, what the hell time is it anyways. Got up and noticed my alarm clock flashing the famous 12:00. It seems the power went out last night and so I was about a half hour late for work. Thankfully my probation period at the new job is over, so it's not so bad :) It was a really busy day today at work and I'm glad it's over. Just sitting around right now listening to music a level I won't hear from my speakers for a long time after I move. Unless of course I get pissed of at other people in the building maybe...

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nascar 2003 in linux

Well I had some reasonable success with setting up nascar 2003 in linux under cedega. It seems to work pretty well and I managed to get my wheel and pedals all working as well. No force feedback but it does do the center spring which makes it not so bad. I also got Command and Conquer Generals working very well without any effort. I've decided to stop playing with it for a while as it's eating up to much of my time dicking around with it :)

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Wed, 23 Jun 2004

nvidia fast / ati slow

I have the new nvidia card all setup in linux now, and I have to say I'm pretty impressed so far. The performance is a giant improvement. I was getting about 2000 fps with glxgears with the radeon 8500, and I'm getting about 5700 fps with this new nvidia FX5900XT card. I loaded up warcraft 3 which I had installed last night. It was unplayable on the radeon and took me a while just to exit as the menuing system was so slow, but it's running full speed now and looks great. Gonna try out a few other games here shortly and see how they go...

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nvidia in, ati out

I went and picked up the MSI GeForce FX5900XT-VTD128 128MB at lunch today since I'm an impulse buyer. I didn't have much time at lunch to do much of anything, but I did get it installed into the system and setup in windows at least. It seems to be working quite well and from what I can tell is crazy fast. (running unreal tournament 2003 at 1600x1200 didn't seem to be too much of a problem for it). I'll have to set it up in linux this evening and see if I can't get the cedega/winex thing setup and working properly with a few games at least. I was reading a review last night that showed the linux drivers are actually slightly faster than windows for the nvidia cards where as the linux drivers are about 30% slower than the windows drivers for the ati radeon cards.

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slavery.cx suspended!

Ahh crap. I went to check my email this morning and check out how dspam was doing with all my spam only to find 1 new message. At first it seemed like it did one hell of a job as I usually about about 10-20 spam in the morning, but it turns out I had only gotten one single email. When that happens it usually means something is wrong. I started checking the setup thinking that I must have did something to cause it to not be delivering email, couldn't find anything wrong, so I sent myself some test email. The test email bounced and then I realized... I forgot to renew slavery.cx. Damn! So ya, it's been renewed now, and I'll have to wait until the dns propagates before it starts working again. I'm surprised at how little notification the dot cx registry gives for renewals though. From what I recall I got one single notice about 2 months ago at that was all. Oh well...

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winex(cedega) + ati = bad

I've been playing around with this winex/cedega thing here for a while now. At first things looked good, but I've yet to really get anything working with it. From what I can find it pretty much all boils down to this ATI card as being the problem. There are lots of issues reported with ati cards and many recommendations to go with nvidia. So I think that my next video card will end up being an nvidia chipset. The question now is, which one?

After doing a bit of searching I'm thinking about picking up the MSI GeForce FX5900XT-VTD128 128MB. This looks to be the best bang for the buck in the nvidia lineup right now. (from what I can see anyways) I found a pretty good review of the card over at FiringSquad.com. From the review the MSI card was also mentioned as the quitest of the FX5900XT's which is an added bonus for me as well. Now I just need to find some money :)

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Tue, 22 Jun 2004


I subscribed to Transgaming today and got a copy of the new Cedega 4.0 release. I'll have to install it here later tonight if I have time and give it a go. I may end up having to buy a new 3d card for my computer as well depending on how well I can get the ATI Radeon 8500 I have working in linux. The last time I tried the ATI drivers they were pretty slow compared to the windows drivers. Hopefully that has changed or I might be forced to go nvidia instead. It sure would be nice to have access to all my games in linux and nuke away that pesky windows partition...

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pictures, spam, backups, moving...

Well, it's been a very busy week since my last post. I've been taking a ton of pictures with the new digital camera which has been quite a bit of fun. I'm still pretty amazed at the excellent picture quality it produces. I've been thinking about a few ways of starting to store my pictures, probably web based using some software, or writing up something of my own for fun. Although, I don't know when i'd get the time. I found out recently that all the pictures that I take keep information inside of them about the shot in terms of aperture, shutter speed, iso speed and all kinds of other information. So I might end up writing some kind of script to extract the information and stick it into mysql database to link up all the photos.

I've spent some time today installing dspam on slavery in an attempt to clean out some of the spam on my inbox. It's been getting rediculous lately and spamassassin just isn't cutting it. I have it all setup and working on a test email account that I have right now so I'll have to see how that goes.

I've also spent some time on doing some backups on slavery today since you never know when a drive might end up dieing. As I'm moving soon as well I'd like to have anything backed up *just incase*. I've noticed that hard drives that run forever tend to die sometimes when you power them down after a few years of continually running...

Also on the topic of moving, I think I have everything taken care of in terms of utilites/phone/internet and so on. The internet will be switched over on July 2nd I'm told so that's when I'll be moving slavery. I might also take the time to upgrade slavery at the same time. I've had a new motherboard and ram sitting around for it for nearly 2 months now and just haven't gotten around to doing it.

Anyways, I'm at work killing time on the late shift (12pm-8pm) and so I should get back to that...

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Mon, 14 Jun 2004

high resolution

Well I did something I probably shouldn't have today, and that was that I went out and purchased the digital camera I've been wanting to get for the past few months. Picked up the Canon Digital Rebel (EOS-300D) from Camera Kingston downtown. So far I have to say I'm very impressed and it's doing everything I want it too. There are a whole bunch of features I haven't even touched yet and will take some time to learn and whatnot. I took a new picture of the fish as well since I haven't gotten a chance to take any pictures outside yet...

medium image (134k - 800x533)
full image (1.1M - 3072x2048)

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Sat, 12 Jun 2004

back in working order

Well I spent a good many of hours getting my freevo setup all back in full working order over the past couple of days. Added the epia patch to the 2.6.6 kernel to get fully accelerated video again, and found out what my problem was with xine after I upgraded. It seems there was some default option to resample the video in some way which was seriously killing the performance of the machine. Once I got that sorted out everything was well once again. I also setup my buddies machine with the new kernel and freevo as well. I also found out you can install acpid and with the right kernel options make the power button do a shutdown. So I set that up as well which makes the whole system pretty slick in design. If I get some more time I might try and setup the bootsplash thing again too.

I also started dumping some of my notes into a page which I'll have to throw up online when I get a chance. So many things to do....

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Fri, 11 Jun 2004

good times

Well today is my birthday and things are going pretty damn well so far this week. I stopped by KCP yesterday and picked up the Antec Aria case yesterday for my desktop. I got it all setup and was pretty impressed with the whole design of the case. It looks really great and the cdrom cover is such a great idea. I wasn't able to get the 8 in 1 card reader working quite right although the system sees it. Just can't mount the media for whatever reason. I'll have to play around with that later on.

I also picked up a 256 meg Apacer Steno BP300 USB Drive MP3 Player for my girlfriend. It's a pretty neat little device, and works quite well. Worked in linux without any problems as well.

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Tue, 08 Jun 2004

training is...

I've been doing training on the products we support here all day. It's been pretty benifical and I'm actually learning quite a bit this time around. The first round we did a few months ago was when we were just being introduced to the product so I didn't pick up on many details about the product. So all in all it's been pretty good so far.

I think tonight I might try and get some racing in and work on actually lowering my GPL Rank (grand prix legends).

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Mon, 07 Jun 2004

s/Windows NT/Unix/ if you want real technology.

Haha, I just found this doing some random google searching. Designed with the network in mind It's a brain dump of someone that had to install a samba server in a windows network. It's pretty damn amusing and made me laugh. The chat logs of the machines talking on the network is priceless :)

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new freevo!

New release of freevo yesterday of what looks to be the last RC release (or so they hope). I got it all loaded up on the system and it seems to be working ok. I noticed a problem a couple days ago though with choppy audio when watching video that uses mp3 encoding for audio. I have no idea when that problem started but I wasn't able to find the source of the problem just yet. I'll have to hack away at it for a while when I get some time and get that fixed up. When watching sources with AC3 audio it works fine though, so I don't know... As I think I mentioned before, I should setup some type of webpage for my freevo setup as it would probably be benifical for other people doing the same type of setup with the via m10000 boards.

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Sun, 06 Jun 2004

gnome 2.6

Hurray! My system is back up and running with all my gtk based apps. KDE was starting to get on my nerves a bit, although it was alot better once I figured out how to make the clipboard work like a normal unix clipboard. (when I select text with the mouse, I shouldn't need to do anything else to copy it). But all is well again on my desktop now.

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Sat, 05 Jun 2004

fixin it

I had a problem with my Gametheater XP sound card yesterday where the headphone jack wasn't working right. At first I thought it was just the headphone adapter I was using but it seemed to be with the unit itself. So I took it apart and sure enough the soder points were loose. About an hour later I found some soder and fixed it back up and all is good now. I also managed to finally get around to programming my remote for my reciever which took far to long. I remembered to write down the settings for it this time so it won't be nearly as painful if I ever have to do it again.

Getting my car fixed up here today as well with a new exhaust system so it won't sound like a damn motorbike. It'll be awfully nice to have it back to normal...

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Fri, 04 Jun 2004

getting things done

Went in this morning and signed the lease for the new place. So it's offical now, as of July 1st I'll be moving. Weeee!

I also stopped into Justhifi while I was downtown and picked up the Grado SR-80's as they came in this morning. I have to say that I'm pretty damn impressed so far. I'm at work and so I can't listen to them too loud yet but they have crazy amounts of bass. I read some reviews from people saying the lacked bass but I think they must be on crack or something. Apparently they will sound quite a bit better too after they are burnt in. mmmm sound.

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late nights and nothing

It's late, and I don't have much to say. My girlfriend took a look at the place we were looking to rent yesterday and so the final say is in, and it seems to be a yes. I'm going to go in tomorrow morning to finalize the whole thing hopefully.

I went to justhifi the other day and was asking about they're headphones as I noticed they carried Sennheiser headphones. When I got there I noticed they also carry Grado headphones so after reading some reviews on the net I decided on the Grado SR-80's. I went to purchase them today, but it seems they are out of stock so I'll stop by tomorrow if I have the time and if not, next week. It'll be nice to have a decent set of headphones, especially when I've moved to the new place and can't listen to my music overly loud anymore :)

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