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Fri, 21 Oct 2005


I noticed the flock developer preview is out today. Just installed it here now, and I'm posting from it's blog feature in the browser. It's pretty sexy, and probably worth a look see if your intrested in that kind of thing.

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Mon, 17 Oct 2005

python tab complete

I don't know why I didn't look for this earlier, but I was just thinking about it now and a quick google search yeilds the answer to tab completion in the python shell (much like tab complete in bash). Simply execute:

import rlcompleter
import readline
readline.parse_and_bind("tab: complete")

and your all set. I don't know how I got by without it :)

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Wed, 05 Oct 2005

us dollar

This is getting pretty crazy. I just sorta randomly noticed this on my credit card statement just now, but I have purcahses in US dollars and it shows the exchange rate:

Aug 22nd - 1.2360
Aug 29th - 1.2301
Sep 28th - 1.2066
Sep 30th - 1.1931
Oct 1st - 1.1929

Thats a pretty consistent drop. Maybe someday soon the canadian loonie will be worth more than a us dollar :)

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Mon, 03 Oct 2005

vonage voip

Well, I went and purchased a Vontage voice over ip account sometime last week and the hardware came over the weekend. So far I've been pretty happy with it. The quality is quite good. The one thing I didn't really think about when I purchased it is that they don't have a hub in Kingston, and thus I can't get a local number. So anyone calling me is technically dialing long distance to Ottawa right now in order to reach me. However, I don't really mind too much as it will keep people from calling me as much. The main reason I bought it is that it's alot cheaper than bell ($19.95 /month) and it has some really good long distance rates overseas. Specifically Ethiopia where my girlfriend is right now. With this phone is $0.59/minute where as bell is $3 a minute without a long distance plan or $1.55 a minute with a long distance plan. So all in all I'm very happy with it, and if they get a hub in Kingston at some point it'll be just perfect.

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