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Tue, 31 Jan 2006

imdb change to cover url breaking imdbpy

I setup a script a while back using the imdbpy module for python which simply allows you to search and pull movie data from the imdb website. One specific way in which I was using it was to pull the cover url and download it locally to save a copy of the image for local access. This recently broke about a week or so ago and I just got around to digging around for a fix. I couldn't find any information about it online, but after inspecting the html parser from the imdbpy module I noticed it was finding the coverurl by parsing the html img tag on the site with the alt tag of "cover". I suspect imdb used to tag the cover like this, but recently moved to using the alt tag of the title of the movie instead. So I modified the /usr/lib/python2.3/site-packages/imdb/parser/http/ file on my system and changed the following code on line 381 (or just search for cover):

elif alttex == 'cover':
elif alttex == self.__movie_data.get('title').lower():

Saved the file and everything works like a charm again.

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zsnes sound not working with alsa

I was having a little problem with my sound not working at all in zsnes on my HTPC and finally got around to trying to fix the problem tonight. It was starting up and getting an error saying Sound init failed! in the console when running zsnes. It turns out that I just needed the proper sound libraries which I installed in debian by apt-get'ing the package libsdl1.2debian-alsa. This uninstalled the default oss package, installed the alsa version and after that things worked just perfectly. Now I can hear all the glory that is super nintendo sound :)

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Mon, 16 Jan 2006

bfg 6600gt oc + Zalman VF700-Cu

I purchased a BFG 6600 GT OC a few days ago for use in my work machine that I dual boot into window for playing lan games from time to time. I quickly realized that the video card was by far the loudest component in my PC and was starting to bother me so I went looking for some way to help quiet it down. The best solution I found was the Zalman VF700-Cu and so I went out and purcased one from KCP and installed it tonight. I did some searching around earlier to see if this heatsink/fan was compatible with the BFG card and didn't find a whole lot of details besides the fact that it should fit ok.

So anyways, I got it home and went about installing it onto the card. My biggest problem was trying to get the old heatsink off which I was trying to do by using a pair of plyers and getting the little plastic pegs back through the pcb board. After trying that for about 5 minutes I gave up and used some wire cutters and just sniped the ends of which was a whole lot easier. You can push the hooks through to make them stick out from the card a little more which makes it easier to get a pair of cutters in there and then just snip the ends of. After getting the heatsink of I went about installing the ramsinks which I quickly realized don't fit on the memory along with the actual gpu heatsink, and thus I just left them off since there was never anything on them before anyways. I did manage to get one mostly covering the one memory bank and since it was stuck on there pretty good I left it (as you can see in the picture). Other than those two problems the install was very easy and just required following the instructions. I've got the fan hooked up to the 5V output from the attached fan controller which makes it run very quite (I can't hear it over the hard drive anyways). The 12V output probably helps cooling alot but does produce alot more noise obviously. I loaded up some counter strike source and it played without any problems, and the machine has been running now for hours without any issues.

Here is a before and after shot of the card:

bfg 6600gt oc stock

bfg 6600 gt oc with zalman vf700-cu

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