Young Oma and Mom enjoying Tea Young Oma with Mom at Christmas Young Oma at Christmas Young Oma boating Young Oma with Mom Oma gathering firewood View from the Tate Museum of Modern Art Hyde Park We were doing some geocaching near here... Pods on the London Eye Theone on the London Eye View from the London Eye View from the London Eye Landon and Ezra in the London Eye View from the London Eye View from the London Eye View from the London Eye View from the London Eye Ezra on the London Eye London Eye Long day of biking and geocaching Doing our 2nd earth cache in Bremen Boys on the train, back to Nienburg from Switzerland Bus on the Furka Pass Typical Driving on the passes Inside the Glacier Walking down to the Glacier Glacier at Belvedere on the way up the Furka Pass View back down the vally from Belvedere on the way up the Furka Pass Road to Grimsel Pass View of the Furka Pass from the vally in Gletsch Kids trying to stay warm at Grimsel Pass View from top of Grimsel Pass Grimsel Pass Lake at Grimsel Pass Grimsel Pass Grimsel Pass View from our Hotel in Saanen Upper level of hotel in Saanen View from balcony at Hotel in Saanen Steep path on the way to the Lower Grindelwald Glacier View of Grindenwald Swiss flag by the restaurant Lower Grindelwald Glacier Berghaus Bäregg Further along the trail to the Lower Grindelwald Glacier Trail on the way to the Lower Grindelwald Glacier Ezra on the trail Waterfall Glacier retreat Grindenwald Lower Grindenwald Glacier with Grindenwald cottages in the foreground Lower Grindenwald Glacier The rental car (Ford Focus) along the Susten Pass Theone and Boys keeping warm Near the top of the Susten Pass Picture of Theone and the Boys Picknick area along the St Gotthard Pass St Gotthard Pass Three of us in Lugano View from our Hotel in Porlezza Italy Where my Oma grew up Our rental car Hans (my Oma's brother), and Theone View of Lake Zurich and the vally Orchard at the house where my grandmother grew up House just up from the Orchard Our sleeper car bunk Biking through the woods Theone and Boys find a geocache Wassarius statue in Drakenburg A stop along our bike ride Geocaching near Drakenburg Geocache find in Drakenburg along the Wesser Danish Bridge Round Tower in Copenhagen Harbour in Copenhagen Underwater statue Boys on our boat tour in Copenhagen Graffitied up post box in Copenhagen Streets of Helsingor Garden in Helsignor Kronborg Castle from near the shore Kids at Kronborg Castle in Helsingor Kronborg Castle courtyard Mound outside of Kronborg Castle Sweden from the shores of Denmark Ezra outside the power builder ride Landon and Ezra in Legoland Magma enjoying two pepsi's Statue with Castel in background in Heidelburg Theone and Heidelburg View of Heidelburg from Castel Gardens Street in Bacharach View from Castel above Oberwesel Inside the Wine Museum Courtyard of the Wine Museum View from cable car coming into Rudesheim View of Rudesheim Theone with Rudesheim in the background Niederwald Monument above Rudesheim View of Bingen from the other side of the Rhine View down the Rhine Die ZauberHohle Gondala lift from Assmanhausen View of Assmanhausen and the Rhine Theone near Assmanhausen Restaurant in Assmanhausen Assmanhausen from the water Faxe 1L Cans View from Hotel in Trier View from Hotel in Trier View from Hotel in Trier Porta Nigra in Trier Greetsiel Greetsiel Sheep on top of the world Nordsee bike ride Restaurant in Dornum Bei Sascha Steakhouse in Aurich The dome from outside Inside the glass dome on the Reichstag Building Bundestag seating Inside the glass dome on the Reichstag Building Berliner Dom from the steps of the Altes Museum Altes Museum Berliner Dom Berliner Dom Remaining section of the berlin wall Canada graffitied on the berlin wall Dinner at Paschenburg restaurant McDonalds in Hameln Theone checking out the view The View from the Paschenburg restaurant View back down the road View of Castle and vally below View of the Schaumburg Castle Munchhausen Museum in Bodenwerder Go karting times Pied Piper on the Hochzeitshaus Marktkirche and Hochzeitshaus Pied Piper in Hameln Rattenfänger Haus in Hameln Tower of Schaumburg Castle Restaurant at Schaumburg Castle Windy view from Schaumburg castle View from Schaumburg Castle Storks nest Dogs napping in the heat Bench area along Weser just outside Drakenburg Small ferry outside of Schweringen School Yard in Schweringen Windturbine up close A hog farm with solar Biking into Sebbenhausen Stopped along the Weser Cows across the Weser Fountain in the old part of Bremen A bird and her 2 chicks in Cuxhaven The Old Watertower in Cuxhaven Oberfeuer Sail Conference Centre in Bremerhaven Klimahaus in Bremerhaven Sculpture in park along old city walls Small street in Bremen An interesting water fountain in Bremen Biking outside of Drakenburg ninja's plane landing coming into airport 20100706_021.jpg over frankfurt over frankfurt over frankfurt coming into frankfurt coming into frankfurt 20100706_015.jpg 20100706_013.jpg on our way to frankfurt 20100706_011.jpg just above the clouds 20100706_009.jpg 20100706_008.jpg 20100706_006.jpg 20100706_005.jpg flying into europe 20100706_003.jpg the shores of the netherlands view from the plane just before reaching europe jellyfish Beautiful day On a boat Yay! Rainy day at city park Duckies Kingston City Hall Kitteh Sista Scoita bank place Landon's class at the scotiabank place Landon at war museum Landon's class at War Museum War museum architecture War museum The farm Our cat getting some sun My New Lenovo SL410 Lovely Feathers Celeron 300A 20100305_002.jpg