Mom and Aria in the first snow Landon and Aria out in the snow Aria in her fancy dress for Christmas Aria in her super cute penguin hat Aria getting lots of care from her Omi and Great Aunty Aria hamming it up in the big chair Aria working on her fine motor skills Aria in her cozy bear outfit ready for the outdoors Aria and Aunty Smiling chubby cheeks Aria and Mom in the morning Aria with the long stare Aira's serious about safety Aria's goofy face Aria chilling in her bouncy chair Aria with her Grandpa Ted Aria and Mom Omi and Aria Aria taking a rest with Aunty Sascha Aria napping on Omi Aria and Mom Sheepskin makes baby tired Mom and Aria Omi always looking happy while holding Aria Epic Yawn Allen and Aria William checking out the tiny baby fingers Aria in a deep sleep Aria relaxing Omi and Aria Awake Aria Sleeping Aria Dahri and Sierra with an awake baby Aria Grandma with Aria Aria in her Halloween outfit, completely passed out Aria in cozy peanut form Aria giving Sascha a look over Great Uncle Ken with Aria Sierra and Dahri with Aria Rohan, Aria and Elisa Elisa and Aria Mike Aria and Melinda Melinda with Aria Aria getting some sleep Theone and sleepy baby Kirsten and Omi adoring baby Baby! Sierra looking very excited to hold the baby Kirsten holding baby for the first time Dahri holding Aria Nice group of flowers from everyone Aria struggling to wake up Chewing on finger Theone and sleepy baby Aria in a deep sleep Aria and Serina Sascha and Aria Sascha with two babies! Opa, Papa and Aria Aria and Papa Aria fast asleep after a long new day Theone and baby Landon and his new sister Theone, Landon, Omi, and Aria Omi and baby Mom and baby Aria Cooper Very large baby bump Barefoot and pregnant Thanksgiving 2012 Theone! Looking out over the wetlands at Parrots Bay Hiking trail near sunset Theone hiking for two Hiking trail near sunset Theone outside our Bed and Breakfast Southbrook Winery More Gardens at Brock's Monument Theone checking things out Gardens at Brock's Monument Very impressive Brock's Monument American Falls lit up Niagara Falls in red Fountain lit up at night Theone behind the Falls Tunnels behind the Falls View of the Falls from Journey Behind the Falls lookout area Look up river from Niagara Falls Theone's Hair! Mouth of Niagara Falls American Falls and Niagara River Sir Adam Beck Hydro Station in Niagara Old Fort Niagara driving in manhattan Theone in central park Ezra and a turtle in central park View of the city from inside central park View of the city from inside central park Manhattan in the evening Museum of Natural History IMG_0634 tennis in central park View of city from inside central park Tunnel inside central park stream in central park Archway in central park Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge View of Manhattan and Industrial Area in Long Island City 5Pointz y u no love me, graffiti at 5pointz 5Pointz graffiti 5Pointz graffiti, fire hydrant 5Pointz graffiti 5Pointz graffiti 5Pointz graffiti Central Park Boys in time square Theone in times square times square in the evening almost naked cowboy signs signs... busy times square Theone enjoying the view nice green sitting area near pier 17 tall ship in the city View of Queens from Manhattan Ezra and Landon in front of manhattenEzra and Landon in front of manhattan Ezra and Landon in front of manhattan docked tall ship in manhatten Brooklyn bridge reflection from side of building at WTC Memorial One World Trade Center WTC Memorial WTC Memorial construction at the WTC Memorial One World Trade Center WTC Memorial US Custom House, now a museum bowling green New York Stock Exchange New York Stock Exchange Times square Rockefeller center taking a rest after hiking up calabogie mountain view from skywalk hiking trail in calabogie boys hiking up calabogie Ezra's epic birthday cake tightly packed canoe Neat looking inuksuk someone built at a campsite Ezra with his second good catch Canoe full of Coopers Kids setting up tent Dinning room and Kitchen Kitchen mostly finished House with finished grade and topsoil Back of house with finished grade and topsoil Backyard view from office window End of the day Don't let the waves touch your toes! Belly bump Don't let the waves touch your toes! Pregnant Theone at the beach Landon and Ezra resting after wave battle More Waves! Waves! Ted, not swimming Ezra fishing Swimming! Splash defense Aquatic Landon Slippery? Theone enjoying a cold wet hug Landon and Ezra fishing little guys on a big lake Landon getting rescued from the island All seven Coopers! British band US General surrendering to British forces US General surrendering to British forces US forces firing Naval Battle Naval Battle Naval Battle Naval Battle Naval Battle Naval Battle Naval Battle Naval Battle Naval Battle Surgeons Tent American flag raised after capturing Erenestown (present day Bath) American Soldiers after winning the battle American Captian American Soldiers after battle Pirate Ship :) American boats in Bath American forces have landed American Forces Royal George escaping to Kingston St Lawrence II docked in Bath The full grade 8 graduating class Grade 8 boys The boys Graduating boys plus one grade nine Graduating boys Landon and his Aunt Sascha Myself and Landon Landon and Omi Landon and his Mom Landon and his Grandmother Paparazzi Landon after Grad Landon looking sharp Landon receiving the class appointed Tech Guy award Landon receiving the Goodyear technology award Landon receiving his diploma Theone with half a baby Theone Ezra giving Landon a helpful little push Too cool to smile Crazy eyes Ezra cooking up a storm Theone and her Dad cooking My Birthday dinner Ezra playing tennis Landon with the moves Baby bump Skipping rocks on lake ontario Landon rock skipping Perfect end to a perfect day Theone kayaking along side Kayaking on haybay near sunset overloaded paddleboat everyone at my aunt and uncle's cottage on haybay My mom and Allen canoeing on hay bay Swan airborne Swan taking flight Kyaking and canoeing in hay bay Back of house, bricks almost done Front of house with bricks completed Biosphere Arizona ice tea can dress Biosphere The front of the Notre-Dame Basilica Notre-Dame Basilica Notre-Dame Basilica Notre-Dame Basilica The moon on a cloudy night Heating unit and piping half installed Living area/office with drywall Living area with drywall Landons room with drywall heating unit with some of the piping installed landon's room with drywall kitchen with drywall hung living area of house with drywall hung Snow in the setting sun Drywall delivered Boiler unit for heat/hotwater hiking on hay bay hiking/skating on hay bay Theone showing off her moves skating on hay bay Main floor with insulation in walls Garage with insulation Siding on right side of house Spray foam insulation in the garage Spray foam on the rim joists in the basement Siding on left side of house garage openers, and bunch of junk piping for hot water heating sweet sweet ethernet power panel downstairs bathroom and utility room downstairs bedroom basement main/game room main floor main floor, view from kitchen office room view of kitchen from main room living room view from office Double rainbow Staying warm at the cabin Allen's cabin Weird bendy tree in the forest Giving the trees some colour Sharp painter Landon Theone firing off Landon's paintball gun