Aria and mom out in the ice and snow Aria out in the snow on christmas day Bundled up sleeping baby Aria playing with some new toys Mom, Aria and Omi playing with her new tea set Aria checking out a new toy Aria and mom relaxing Aria and Opa enjoying the day Aria happy after stealing sippy cup, Daniel plots revenge No DNA test required Dainel chilling in his mario hat Daniel having some fun reading Daniel chomping on a toy Daniel and Aria play time Babies! Aria with her pointy finger Aria working on her throwing arm Always interested in the camera Lumpy Space Princess and Princess Bubblegum Halloween costumes Aria monkeying around on a rainy day Test subject #234 Aria entangled in puffy birthday decorations Aria's second birthday cake for her 1st brithday Aria's 1st birthday cake Aria Grandma and Grandpa playing with her new lego Thoughtful Aria Dad and Aria doing some hiking at Parrots Bay Aria at thanksgiving with her pumpkin Daniel wearing his bling Daniel working on the bead maze Aria and Daniel Aria spending some time in the herb garden Aria outside ready to dig up some herbs Big baby eyes Aria's seriously? face Aria looking pretty happy Aria's crazy intense face Aria's absurd face Omi and the grandbabies Aria eating some oranges on an island on Dog Lake Aria munching on blueberries Hungry baby at the beach Beaver pond reflecting the sky Dad, Aria, Landon, and Ezra Aria plunking around in the long grass while we rest View of Calabogie Lake Aria taking a little nap while hiking Boys and Theone hiking in Calabogie Beaver on Little Melon Lake Matt's catch on Mud Lake Ted with his first good catch on Mud Lake Aria taking a little nap at the beach Aira and Mom cooling off at the lake Aria pointing things out Aria and Mom in our new canoe Eating fail Aria and mom posing for a picture Making a lunge for the camera Aria opening a mail package at the park Sleeping baby There is a baby in that tent Exploring the terrain Looking for grubs Climbing on canoe Enjoying the view Aria Happy camper Campsite Big brother, little sister Graffiti Rock Always interested in the camera Aria bum scooting with a camera bag Three little monkeys Big baby eyes Camera grab attempt Swinging baby Baby in the swing Aria doing her fish lips Baby on the table Baby in the forest Buckled up and ready to go Aria looking pretty happy to be carried by mom Aria and the boys Aria in her new bike trailer Aria helping in the garden Guilty face Aria and mom in the garden Aria enjoying some time in the grass Jeffery looking pretty serious Aria finally not being scared of papa chris Theone and little Jeffery Aria sitting on the deck at sunset Aria and mom on the beach getting some sun Landon getting singled out Sister babies, and a picture troll Working overtime with two babies and a puppy Max, Serina and Aria Aria and her Omi Aria and her Omi Aria getting pretty big for her carrier Landon turns 15! Serious baby face Aria in her sling Opa on his 79th birthday with Jeffery Jeffery seems to be enjoying the bassinet Aria and Jeffery taking it easy Aria sitting in the bassinet Jeffery and Aria relaxing in the bassinet at Omies Aria taking some lessons from Ben on sitting The fresh air really tuckers you out Aria getting packed around in her new pack Aria mastering the art of sitting Aria lounging around on a lazy sunday Jeffery, giving a good look at the lighting situation Aria and Jeffery tummy time Aria attacking her big penguin Jeffery, getting a good look at the lights Omi and little Jeffery Babies! Sister and Brother with Babies Sascha and Jeffery Aunty Sascha and Aria Aria is never too sure what I'm doing hiding behind that gadget with all the buttons Aria and mom relaxing Serina, Aria and Ezra with some nose kisses Aria is almost as tall as Ezra Omie and Aria both with big smiles Aria eyeing up omies cinnamon bun Dad and Aria Serious Aria Aria eating her bib as she often does Aunty Kirsten doing the heavy lifting Red nosed Landon Georgie sniffing out the camera man Sun setting on a frozen Hay Bay Family Day Papa and Aria Sleepy old man Happy Aria and Serious Aunty Aunty Sascha trying her hand with a Jumbo baby Jeffery wins tiniest old man Theone and tired little Jeffery Baby Jeffery giving me a serious look Mom and Aria in the nice warm Amauti Nice snowy sunday at the beach Aria trying out a new keyboard Baby face off One big baby, and one little baby Aria all nicely dressed up Jeffery already looking tall at zero days Landon and tiny baby Jeffery Theone taking a break from the big baby Baby Jeffery! Aria is almost as big as Ezra Aria loves enjoying her play mat time Holding up that big head Giant sleeping baby Aria starting to work on her sitting up skills