Aria funny faces Dan the man Aria cleaning up some brush Aria realizing her hands are not clean Aria and Daniel finger painting Finger painting Omie and Aria Aria and Omie opening presents Christmas at Omie's Daniel and Aria Aria with her new pot set for cooking Aria with all her gifts Aria and Daniel bath time Aria and Daniel bath time Aria opening presents Cooper Christmas Theone and baby Felix Big girl Aria holding baby Felix Aria making sure Felix has socks on Aria playing with Auntie's phone Daniels turn Making christmas ornaments Making christmas ornaments Daniel pointing out some numbers to Aria Daniel pushing Aria around in her baby stroller Toddlers are weird Pockets are funny Aria helping dad make dinner Aria in her dragon costume Aria and Mom ready for trick or treating Dragon trying to eat the paper bag princess Scary dragon Aria is always pretty happen getting packed around Aria and Dad Aria and Dad Mud Lake in late October Babies! Aria working on her painting skills Aria and her funny faces mmm cake Sucess! Aria blowing out her brithday candle Aria opening birthday gifts Everyone sitting down for Aria's birthday dinner Daniel riding the horse Aria in thought Teenagers are weird Aria getting some use of her little chair Surprisingly Aria has not popped a balloon yet Aria, just about two! Ham! Aria and Daniel doing some cake decorating Aria geocaching Aria at Omi's for thanksgiving Aria at Thanksgiving Aria helping Serina get some socks on this big baby Mom and Aria Aria pretty proud of the geocache she found Aria sees someone taking pictures Daniel with a good looking tuft Aria at the park Aria and Mom checking out a millipede Mom and Aria Packed up and ready to head home Hiking in Frontenac Park Aria and Ezra carving sticks Aria and dad starting a morning fire Talking about fire safety Aria and Daniel enjoying some ice cream at Omi's Taking a rest from paddling Aria trying to wield the larger paddle Aria practising her paddle stroke Aria and Mom Sleepy teenager, hungry baby Daniel! Aria and Daniel 407 & 400 More Greenland Greenland is not so green Aria having lots of fun Aria cooling off Aria testing the water Shrine of the Bab Baha'i International Archives Building View of the Baha'i gardens Aira doing some thinking View of Baha'i gardens View of the Roman ruins The group resting in the shade Walking among the ruins Aria and Landon Landon and Ezra taking in the heat Aria keeping hydrated Roman bath house Aria and Landon strolling along Aria and Mom in a tunnel Colosseum from Roman ruins Dor Beach near Haifa Neat looking tree at a camping site View towards the coast View of the inside of the cave Roof of sidewalk cave View from ground zero of crazy geocache Boys hiking through some nasty thorns Siblings on route Aria playing in a pile of flower pedals Aria watching a friendly dog at a cafe Aria on the suspension bridge Aria leading mom across the suspension bridge Hospitaller Fortress Hospitaller Fortress courtyard Hospitaller Fortress Aria making sure mom doesn't rest Aria working on some stairs with mom Aria and mom View of the German Colony Panorama of Haifa Haifa port View of Haifa port from the Louis Promenade Aria reaching for the camera Mount Carmel Forest Fire Monument Aria on the run Rental Car Stone monument at a park rest stop, with a view of Haifa's beaches on the coast Restrooms Aria and Mom Aria doing some Hiking and collecting things Haifa industrial area Working on our sand castle in the surf View of the beach Aria and Mom on the beach Landon, Aria and Ezra Landon, Ezra and Aria playing in the waves Aria at the base of the Baha'i gardens View of the Baha'i Gardens Baha'i Gardens View of Sderot Ben Gurion Street Railway Musem in Haifa Rail yard at the Railway Museum in Haifa Balcony of our apartment View of Haifa up Mount Carmel from our Apartment View of Haifa city and Harbor from apartment Aria getting more help on the staris View of the vally below Safed The old city of Safed Ezra helping Aria master stairs Landon is so adorable Degania Alef Kibbutz View from Mt Arbel Aria and Mom atop Mt Arbel Aria and Mom atop Mt Arbel Landon, Ezra and Aria taking a break Landon and Ezra trying to stay warm View of the Sea of Galilee The group taking in the view of the Sea of Galilee Ezra Aria and Landon Landon and Ezra doing some geocaching Aria and Mom View of the valley and Sea of Galilee Aria keeping hydrated Landon enjoying the breeze View of valley below from Mt Arbel Aria having some fun at a play ground Landon having some fun at a playground Aria doing some driving Aria and Mom having some play time Aria mom and the boys, walking on ancient mosaic floors The Church of the Mulitplication Aria and Mom at the Church of the Multiplication Aria's first time in the mediterranean Aria pointing out the obvious Ezra and Aria at Haley lake Mom and Aria doing some swimming Mom and Aria enjoying the water Mom and Aria enjoying the water Testing the water Mom and Aria thinking about going for a swim Aria and Mom at Haley lake Aria putting the canoe in at little melon lake Aria putting the canoe in at little melon lake How does this thing work? Suprised looks Happy babies Ooohhh Ticklish Aria Aria and Mom Aria playing with some DC barrel jacks like babies like to do Aria with her new shovel at the beach Aria and Daddy nap time Aria directing the game Aria helping Ezra with his game Double throw Beautiful Easter Monday Theone and Beamer soaking up the sun Omi and Aria Aria playing some Frisbee with Ricky Aria's easter outfit Aria collecting easter eggs Landon's 16th Birthday Max and Aria Aria's band of stuffies Aria in her monkey hat, holding a sock monkey Aria and teddy Aria in her monkey hat Aria doing some reading on her own Fetching a book to read Aria's surprised look Aria surveying her domain Snacking Aria Aria and Omi reading a book Aria playing in the snow mid March Aria playing in the snow mid March Lounging Aria Aria closeup Aria playing with the ball machine Aria and mom playing Aria applying a bit too much makeup Aria's concerned look Look up, look way up Aria happy after stealing some juice Aria and her Omi Obvious troublemaker