A well dressed Felix on the run Aria and Felix Weirdo Daniel and Aria, ready to open presents Play time Toddlers love plastic play food Daniel knows how this works Aria opening gifts Aria opening gifts Sister selfie Aria in her Christmas? outfit The elusive running Daniel Aria and Daniel Tree climbing Aria having some fun climbing trees I gotta poke it to know it Aria and Daniel keeping warm with a little outdoor fire in December Out for a walk on a warm November day Aria in her airplane costume Aria in her airplane costume for Halloween Playing in the sun Building Aria doing some sawing Sad Daniel is sad Construction time Construction time Construction time Boat coming out of the water Aria opening birthday gifts Aria's third birthday Toddler chaos Tucker in disguise Toddler kiss Calia Daniel eating his cupcake Ben with his cupcake Oliver devouring a cupcake Cara painting More cupcake nums Cupcake nums Aria Bathtime Opa giving Daniel and Aria a ride in the cart Aria playing with the rokenbok Aria doing some thanksgiving dinner prep work When Aria notices I'm taking a picture Aria monkeying around on the boat while at anchor Aria and Omi having some snacks on the foredeck Aria explaining what she is up too Aria and Mom doing some cooking Aria having a little nap Aria and Mom sailing Tall ship out on the lake Theone doing some sailing Three little kids ready for a wagon ride Uncle Ken's Motorbike Daryl and Mr Daniel Dad, Daryl and kids Cousin Daryl Sleepy babies in the canoe On the run Aria and Daniel exploring Aria catching some water from the tarp Mr Daniel Aria buried in the sand Aria buried in the sand Aria with a fancy headband Lazy afternoon Daniel and Aria trying to start the Mule Aria and Daniel on the water No splashing! Aria bundled up nice and warm Serina and Felix posing for the camera Cooking some Bannock Bread over the fire Aria found a small pile of acorns which were quite interesting Aria at the very top of the hill View of Round Schooner lake Panorama of Round Schooner lake Aria doing some hiking Aria taking a rest after being carried up the hill Inuksuk looking out over Round Schooner lake Felix having a good time camping Felix doing some camping Aria in her swimsuit Tinsy kitten Aria giving a kiss to a little kitten Aria and Daniel going for a wagon ride Daniel and Aria relaxing after some time at the beach Aria and Daniel climbing on the big rocks Aria with her caterpiller Daniel with his caterpillar Aria in the very cold lake Aria being sweet at the beach Aria throwing some sand at the beach Aria sporting her owl shirt Aria and Mom getting feet wet Mom and Aria Daniel on his tractor Daniel and Aria playing in the new sandbox Daniel posing for the camera Aria and Daniel in the playhouse Out for a quick paddle at Parrots Bay Aria giving some funny looks Aria and Mom walking down the stream Aria blocking some water with her stick Aria and Dad doing some splashing Aria splashing in a stream Aria found a caterpillar today More digging Aria taking a short break to pose Daniel with his fancy hat Aria turning up the garden Aria and Daniel doing some digging Omi Aria and Auntie Aria helping Opa with gifts Oh those tounges! Happy Brithday Opa Aria making bubbles! Aria's boys Landon is so happy! Aria and Daniel looking for those eggs Aria on the hunt Aria adding some eggs to her basket Daniel hamming it up for the camera Aria and Daniel making snowballs Aria about to smash me with a snowball Daniel at the sugarbush Aria outdoors Aria and Aunty Melinda Mr Felix Aria in her cool hoodie Aria keeping an eye on her little friends Aria sitting with her little camera Aria giving Ruby a rawhide Aria giving treats too the dogs Aria eating her ballon string Dad Aria and Opa after our sleigh ride Omi and Aria reading Daniel's new book Opa and Daniel doing some woodworking Well dressed repair man Aria liked Daniel's new letter board Daniel's birthday party Daniel playing trains with Papa New toys! Daniel opening gifts Cutting the beautiful cake Reading birthday cards Happy birthday Daniel!