Aria rebuilding her castle Flood! Aria and Dad building a sandcastle Aria and Dad at the beach Plaing in the ocean Construction begins Aria and Mom in the rocket garden at the Kennedy Space Center Cruise ship! Aria excavating Bird chasing Aria looking very fearful of the big waves Aria looking very excited about the big waves Mom and Aria in Savannah Nice shore dinner with the big full moon Aria mining ore Dano the mano Aria looking menacing with a minecraft pickaxe Ready to go! Aria and Daniel ready for Halloween Candies! Aria not holding back Everyone got a swing at the birthday piñata Happy Birthday! Aria's Doggy cake and more birthday gifts Aria opening birthday gifts A wet Daniel pointing out the nature Aria ready with her paddle Tiny Canoe trip in Parrots bay Daniel reviewing some photos Aria and Daniel playing on the top bunk Aria's first day of school, with her Schultüte Aria's first day of school, with her Schultüte Daniel knocking down some branches Building a tower Building a tower On the lookout Aria in action Aria's favorite seat on the boat Daniel on the sailboat Having a little nap on the paddle home Our little chef Aria doing some fishing Aria getting a lift Daniel always with his Tedo Scaring the fish Looking for fish Aria on the run Our troupe on the hike back Snake we happened upon on the hike out View of Hardwood bay from our campsite Fire! Aria and Daniel collecting tiny sticks for the fire Top of the rock, with Mr Tedo Silly Daniel Ah ha! Monster in the woods Happy Daniel seconds later Sad Daniel when he first wakes up from nap Aria doing some drawing Aria and Mom hanging out around the fire Aria on the big rock Aria practicing to be a teacher Beavers have been hungry Beautiful hiking trails at Frontenac Park We can finally sit after making it to the site Taking a break at the half way point Aria and Daniel Aria and Daniel doing some splashing Hikers Aria on the move Start of our hike to the campsite Monster! Aria on the run Nice bowtie Birthday helpers Little stream for little people The lightweight hammer is finally effective Behind you! The joy of popping bubbles Bubbles! Daniel eating candy as it's found Aria and Daniel sharing Aria searching for chocolates Easter egg hunt Going for a walk down stream Splashing about Going for a walk up stream Making use of rubber boots Rock climbing Aria Rock climbing Daniel Aria and Dad signing a geocache log Thoughtful Aria Serious Aria It was also windy Aria enjoying some sun Making snowballs Aria and Mom Snow Angel Aria doing some exploring Aria and Daniel doing some drawing Too many cooks Marsh-mellows? Yay! Aria and Mom making some hot chocolate Robot play time Bah! Aria with her Panda and some finger painting Aria helping Dahri open presents Daniel opening gifts Eating trains Thomas Cake! Party hats Daniel looking grown up (and angry) Aria with her party hat on