You can never have too many hats Brothers give the best gifts Giant monkey! Halloween Costumes Halloween costumes Woha Aria opening birthday gifts Aria's Birthday Party Aria and Mom Mr. Twinkles taking up the entire couch Aria opening her birthday gift Aria! 5 year old Aria Mr. Twinkles Aria playing with her new kitten Aria on Aria's Island Dinner cooking Aria Aria Theone sailing with a bit of heel Aria on a stroll The Poco Loco at anchor Theone working on her rowing Aria and Dad Aria looking a bit crazy at the sand beach Sunset view for our last night Our last campsite for the trip Kids looking surpisingly not dirty for day 5 Daniel showing off an inchworm he found Waterfall Campfire and tarp setup Rainbow after a short rain cloud blew over Funny monkeys at breakfast time Beautiful pink sunset Moonrise from the other side of our site Sun setting Campsite #2 Aria splashing in the stream Portagers Portagers Snack break Daniel and Aira warming up by the fire Tire swing! Daniel getting some air time Tire swing! Aria no-hands on the paddle board Sunset with a crescent moon Aria and Mom making dinner Concerned look Island campsite Aria and Mom canoeing Crazy Aria Sailing Swinging from the trees Swinging from the trees Felix and Aria Felix asking questions Aria showing mom how to colour Aria on the Poco Loco Aria on the Poco Loco Aria and Daniel in the cool spring water Cheesy couples photo Theone enjoying the view Rock beach on Georgian Bay Theone checking how far down that is Theone at Stormhaven View down the beach from Stormhaven campsite The Bruce Peninsula National Park Visitor Centre in Tobermory Daniel getting thrown into the lake Omi and Aria at the shore Aria sitting in her tree Aria climbing a hill at Parrots Bay Aria's first time skating Visitor Center at Poinsett State Park Aria and Dad checking out some acorns Aria and Mom Neat bridge Moon on it's way up in the evening Geocache at Poinsett State Park Old Mill in Poinsett State Park in South Carolina Old Mill in Poinsett State Park in South Carolina These little lizards were all over the forest areas Pointing out the limes on the lime tree In awe? Angry run Aria enjoying the beach Aria building sand castles Aria at the Far Beach in John Pennekamp State Park Out for a sail in Biscayne National Park Biscayne National Park Aria Boardwalk in Biscayne Hiking back Aria cooling off with some ocean breeze Aria and Mom tree climbing Canoeing in Everglades National Park Canoeing from Flamingo Center in the Everglades National Park