Neat lamp shade at a cuban restaurant Palm tree christmas lights Aria and Daniel with rediculous New Years Eve drinks RUN! Southern most point in the USA Flag half mast at Fort Zachary And cruise ships Tall ships, possible pirate ship Aria taking a picture of me taking a picture of her Exploring the fort Informational plaques! At Fort Zachary in Key West Aria looses her tooth in Key West Probably the biggest lizard we saw, kind of scary in person Lizards! Aria and Daniel in the gulf of Mexico Cheeky bird, not scared of humans Cool pelican sculpture A Great Egret at but not in the bird sanctuary Aria Owl Hermit crab race! Aria's secret hideout Theone in the mangroves on the tiny island Kayaking with pelicans Flock of pelicans Kayaking in Tavernier Hermit crab underwater Tiny hermit crab! Kayaking to a small island Brush teeth time Aria on the boat rocking her anchor dress Jesse finally getting to read Dan on the boat being a sweety Aria asleep at the playground Danno in the sun First swim in the ocean Jellyfish at Harry Harris Park Daniel looking for jelly fish (not to eat) Dinner on the boat Aria and Daniel playing in the sand Aria at the beach Spotting Man o'War Jelly fish Aria and Daniel at our first beach for the trip Aria and Daniel playing in the waves Walk down to beach Very cool boardwalk at John D. MacArthur Beach State Park Big Spider! Baby sea turtle Aquarium Aria and Daniel at the Florida Welcome Center Palm Trees Palm Trees Setting sun in New York after our first bit of driving Aria and Daniel settled in for the loooong drive Christmas Time Christmas Time Christmas Time Aria being.... Aria Old Man striking a pose Halloween Costumes Halloween Outfits Putting together kids toy Birthday Wishes Birthday Dinner Carousel Cake Shore Fire Shore Fire Shore Fire Shore Fire Shore Fire Shore Fire Shore Fire Hiking back from the cabin Allan's Cabin Snack time Solo Sail Home Poco Loco Mainsail Brother Islands Aria and Mom Sailing Hike at Puzzle Lake Aria Aria Mom, Aria and Dad Dad and Aria Crazy Aria Aria! Weird Aria Dad and Aria fishing Camping Sunset Camping Sunset Wagon ride Wagon ride Wagon ride Aria Head Aria and Dad sandcastles Buried Aria Mom and Allan Daniel dropping rocks The Crab! Everyone going for a swim Strong Daniel Aria and Daniel at the shore Aria at the shore Aria And Kali on the Poco Loco Other boats in Kerr Bay Aria And Kali on the Poco Loco Sailing home Hammock chair on the sailboat Aria and Mom Swimming Aria and Mom Swimming Sailing, with Hans right behind us Sailing Firemans foam chaos Felix and Aria Face Painting Sailing kids Aria Swimming Aria Camping Aria Portage Our Canoe Camping at Frontenac Park Camping at Frontenac Park Camping at Frontenac Park Camping at Frontenac Park Camping at Frontenac Park Aria and mom keeping warm First shore dinner of the season Aria with a sheet of ice Playing in the stream Story time Twinkles playing toys with the kids Daniel working on an epic kapla tower Weird Felix being weird Weird Aria being weird Mr Felix Aria and Daniel at Parrots Bay