Crazy Aria opening presents Cooper Christmas Photo Aria adding a christmas decoration Aria and Felix Baby Mila with Theone Aria's 7th Birthday party Aria's 7th Birthday Cake Line of foam Sunset coming into Bath Sunset sailing back home Hans sailing by in light winds Amherst Island School Amherst Island School Working on the dry stone sign Interesting rainbow fragment Bathroom plastics Hiking at Frontenac Park Aria getting a lift Tree Aria hiking Dingy ride, quiet(er) cockpit Spinnaker! Under spinnaker Lighthouse with Osprey nest Passing under the Thousand Islands Bridge Keeping warm Bolt Castle Underground path at Bolt Castle On the upper floors of bolt castle Bolt Castle Ship passing bolt Castle Working on a sand/mud castle Theone happy to finally be sailing to a destination Daniel playing in the surf Aria and Daniel playing on the beach Sailing out front of Kingston Morning campsite Second sunset at Loyst Lake Whittling Eight Loons? Playing with fire Warming up by the fire Loyst Lake sunset Sunset through the trees Tending to the fire Campfire Campfire Daniel and Aria at the campsite Aria and Daniel at the portage Swimming at Loyst Lake Aria Jump! Aria tree climbing Aria and Daniel in the paddle boat The Rock on the way home Mast and Stars Mast and Moon At anchor in South Bay Sailing out by the Rock on PEC Backyard camping Backyard crazy eights Making our way down the Murray Canal Lei Line at the dock in Belleville Sailing past Deseronto Ken the sailor Old Hay Bay Church Aria and Daniel at the Musem Theone rowing Aria ashore Aria asleep in the dingy Calm Lake Ontario Extremely calm Lake Ontario Ever crazy Aria Felix working on the castle Aria digging Daniel building sand castles Sand castle building Lei Line at anchor Building sand castles Sunset an anchor in Amherst Bay Watch out for felix :) Felix chasing kids Daniel and Aria swimming Swimming at the sand beach Felix climbing Swimming at the sand beach Dingy behind Dingy Felix being a bit of a nutter Aria checking for traffic Aria and Daniel sailing Light painting Fire at aunty Sasch's Cat nose! Felix with his skull and cross bones Aria as a cat Aria and Felix after face painting Kali at the Firemans foam Aria loves the firemans foam Daniel relaxing at the dock in Picton Aria and Kali checking out the headsail Mud? Our new sailboat, Lei Line Family Easter Aria's fancy easter cake Finding geocaches Dan the man Daniel and Aria hiking Reaching a high up geocache Crazy Aria Human chair Pile up Aria and mom skating Daniel and Aria breaking ice Skating at Omi's Skating at Omi's Daniel opening presents Daniel opening presents Daniel's Birthday Parrot fish Underwater plaque Cool crab at Cannon beach John Pennekamp, Cannon Beach Aquarium at John Pennekamp Aria and Daniel building sand castles Lot of kite surfers at Curry Hammock State Park Beautiful afternoon at Curry Hammock State Park Turtle Hospital Turtle Hospital Aria taking a picture of me taking a picture of her Squeeky and Panda join the crew Lots of these very beautiful brightly painted planters Garden sculptures Turtle riding a bike obviously Rain Barrel gift shop, with a very large lobster