Aria grooving? Daniel funny walk Bottom of the hill GT Racing GT Racing GT Racers Grandkids on Christmas Eve Aria and Dan flying the kite Aria with her plane Kite running Aria flying a kite Daniel flying a kite Aria running around the campsite Glass still water at our campsite Daniel sitting on Aria in the Hammock Tent and hammock at our site Sitting around the fire at night Aria and Daniel tending to the fire Sitting around the fire at night Aria as Princess Mononokee Aria as Princess Mononokee Aria looking cold Lennox power stacks in the snow Snowball! First hike in the snow this fall Aria turns Eight! Cold weather sailing Daniel doing his weird finger hook look? Aria and Daniel The logical conclusion Splash! I don't even know Moon coming up over the Brother Islands Aria Weirdface Aria being weird Aria! Sun setting by the brother islands Hanging out on the bow Sunset on our way home from Kingston Reading on the bow Aria on the boat Foggy anchorage Solo sunset sailing Solo sunset sailing Sunset sailing Sunset sailing Lakeshore Beach Sunset Bench construction Sand Village plus forest Daniel Jump! Aria Jump! The man Lean-to Aria working on her leanto Danno Daniel supervising Aria in construction mode Running down the dunes He held on! We lost Daniel! Attempting to stop a wave Daniel getting hit by a wave Big Wave! Big Wave! Wave beach Spinnaker sailing! Spinnaker sailing! Spinnaker sailing! Spinnaker sailing! Full sails! Lets go! Daniel collecting materials Daniel with construction material At the beach one last time Hi there Aria and Daniel at the beach on the point Light House on Main Duck Island Lighthouse on Main Duck Island Geocaching find! Old building on Main Duck Island Aria and Daniel Hiking Lei Line at anchor The tower on Main Duck Island Hiking the Main Ducks Hiking along the West Beach Swimming at the Main Ducks Swimming at the Main Ducks Swimming at the Main Ducks Swimming at the Main Ducks Swimming at the Main Ducks Calm waters on Main Duck Island Sunset in Amherst Bay Sunset in Amherst Bay Throwing children Throwing children Throwing children Throwing children Throwing children Throwing children Throwing children Throwing children Walking through water Lei Line at anchor Sand beach swimming Aria Mermaid? Daniel hanging out on the foredeck Aria standing on water Underwater Daniel Splash! Daniel Jump! Swimmers Jump! Theone enjoying some time floating behind the boat Kali underwater! The Log Kali taking the plunge Aria jumping in off the boat Kali on the boat Aria in deep thought (maybe?) Bluffs at Little Bluff Conservation Area Jump in! Peace Aria underwater Hiking uphill Theone taking a rest Kali cooling down Clear waters in PEC Finding an old mill Out for a hike at Little Bluff Lei Line at anchor Daniel at the mica mine Serina and Mila Felix warming up after a swim Swimming off the boat Splash Felix scuba dive The scuba dive Swim time on anchor Lei Line alone Lei Line at anchor in Amherst Bay Felix being ridiculously cute Lei Line at anchor in Amherst Bay Swimming over to Nut Island Lei Line Underwater How not to anchor Lei Line Underwater Sand Castle Felix with no body Buried Felix Buried alive! Buried in Sand Dingy on the beach Felix! Felix at the beach Felix Feather Felix Feather Catch! Aria considering life in a cave Elisa and Rohan climbing in the forest Swimming off Mermaid Island Evening swim Sunset from the dock Aria Daniel signaling something? Swimming Swimming at Mermaid Island Enjoying the view Easy downwind sailing Morning coffee Aria in the dingy Aria and Daniel swimming It's a plane! Theone looking pleased Another sunset shot at anchor Aria keeping warm Sailboat sunset Spring hike near the power plant Gingerale Break Schuletüte Easter eggs found Daniel found it! Easter Egg Map Easter Egg Hunt Easter Egg Hunt Aria treading carefully in barefeet Felix with his clam shell On the beach at Long Point Dad and Aria On the beach at Long Point Princess in Black! Princess in Black! Hiking around Melon Lake Aria on our Melon Lake hike Our hiking trail across Mud Lake Geocaching in winter Aria snow angel Icy Beach Aria in her ice fort Daniel collecting sticks for the fire Theone keeping warm