Aria with a cinnamon-stash? Christmas at Omi's with Tessa! Sunset solo camping Boiling water on the biolite Gibby and Libby Kidnapped! Halloween Sunset at Finkel shore Looking out through the gap At the beach Aria with her new Grogu Aria and her dear Unkle Miss Mila Lei Line under sail Hans and Frank sailing past me under spinnaker Hans and Frank sailing past me under spinnaker Lei Line under sail Sailing around a big ship anchored infront of lafarge Sunset on anchor at Simco Island Up the mast Lei Line up close on anchor Something is funny We make Aria do all the rowing Aria looking very proper Lei Line at Anchor Lei Line at anchor View from the Bluffs towards Amherst Island Aria and Theone on the rock beach Lei Line at Anchor Sunset at anchor The finished product Working on it Decided to make her own inukshuk Finding an inukshuk Finding an inukshuk South Baymouth Manitoulin Island Adventure Trail Sitting in the school house Aria in an old school house on Manitoulin Island Crazy in the mornings Such a beautiful spot for breakfast Beautiful morning This is when Aria decided to live on the trail instead of continue walking ...and right back up again The trail went down... On the way back down Aria Oh modern technology Can you see the rainbow Happy family Maditory tourist shots More sketching The view from up top made the hike worth it! Crazy Cousins Finding a path across the water Exploring The view from our capsite Crayfish claw What a view Aria taking a break A steep hike A very cool tree Capturing the landscape Sketching Watching the waves On the shores of Lake Superior Radio at the Bush Plane Museum A picture of Theone's Grandpa at the Bush Plane Museum Kingston at night Kingston at night Autopilot sailing the boat Weather over Amherst Island Mila's first sail Aria giving the spin jump a go Felix showing us his spinning top jump Touchdown Evening swim Sunset on anchor at Timber Island Swim Swim Swim Swimming in the middle of the lake Swimming in the middle of the lake Swimming in the middle of the lake Aria not looking weird Felix playing with the plastic cover on the shrowds Aria looking cute Enjoying some lightwind sailing Aria working on her crosswords City skyline CN Tower view Glass floor in the CN Tower Toronto skyline View from CN Tower Lei Line at dock Aria and Felix in the CN Tower CN Tower from below Inukshuk at the Inukskuh Park Canada Malting Co Building CN Tower View from the cockpit as we sail into Toronto Toronto Skyline Lifting Bridge at Hamilton Harbour Lifting Bridge at Hamilton Harbour Lifting Bridge at Hamilton Harbour Sailing out of Hamilton Harbour Tanker passing through the lifting bridge Toronto skyline Helming in weather Sailing into the sunset Timber Island Photosphere at anchor off timber island Super light wind sailing Beach day/evening Lei Line at anchor Sand pits, beach day Sand castle construction Great sailing weather Storm in the distance Double thumbs up? Monkeys Exploring an old building Aria and Daniel swimming Night shot of Kingston Overdone smiles Campsite bliss Camping Paella Kids at 5th depot Sketching I'm not sure what to say T-shirt twins Easter candy map Skating! Why so serious? Daniel weird face Aria playing dead Aria Goalie Aria and Daniel doing some skating Skating on the lake Daniel! Beautiful day at the shore Lunch time Aria at the beach First skate of 2021 Skating Sunset Skating Sunset Skating Skating Aria in a tree Aria on a bolder Ice Mask! Aria at the beach Aria on our hike Aria and Dan with the giant snowman Aria with Billy-Bob-Joe the snowman Our 8 foot snowman