Just our for a ride Nice form Ready to jump Swing jumping at anchor Brockville waterfront at night Train Tunnel in Brockville Brockville Tunnel Rather high up Pirate ship climbing Aria on the high ropes Potato sack race Potato sack race Aria hard at work in Upper Canada Village Big Sandy Bay Aria on horseback Aria's collection of dead things Easter Family Photo Easter Family Photo Badminton! Last photo before the tree climbing fail Hiking was beautiful with the fresh snow Some tree climbing Stopping for lunch on our hike at Frontenac Park Aria and Dan on the beach Searching for the bugs that the birds are always eating Aria on the beach Hiking on Honeymoon Island Swimming off the boat Boggie Board Aria on the boat Daniel attempting a slash everyone jump Aria Splash Double Swing Aria just above the water The mangrove swing tree Aria mid plunge Tarzan Large chair Aria, Daniel and Coconut Sailing! In the magroves On Snake Bite Trail Hiking Mahogany Hammock Trail in Everglades National Park Snorkle Time Matching cousins Orion's Belt Geocaching while biking around the island Epic high five while biking And one more Cool driftwood Sketching while sitting on some driftwood Aria looking unsafe Aria and Daniel at the beach on Jekyll Island Aria getting some sleep on the trip down to Florida Matching PJ's? Kids, and an old guy Aria opening gifts Opening gifts King Arthur and Patsy King Arthur and Patsy King Arthur and Patsy Aria dressed for school halloween The boys, and Aria The Embrace Aria's 10th Birthday! Aria's 10th birthday! The little kids :) Family Group Photo! Family Group Photo! Aria the lumberjack Aria and her pig Aria overboard Aria and Daniel doing some sketching Aria looking happy Blood sticks Bad Pose Aria carving sticks Aria on the boat Aria going down the big slide Aria and Daniel picking up a geocache Run! Aria and Daniel if you ask them to pose It was Murder! Vampire Aria? Sailing Aria Main Duck beach day Daniel and Aria Aria and Daniel's Fire Merry Muggins on the lake Aria Easter Hunt Aria Easter Hunt At the beach in Presqu'ile Park Aria testing fate climbing a fallen tree On the ice flows! Aria and Dan's stick fort Bunker Exploring the shore during winter Aria with a cinnamon-stash? Kidnapped! Halloween Looking out through the gap At the beach Aria with her new Grogu Aria and her dear Unkle Something is funny We make Aria do all the rowing Aria looking very proper Aria and Theone on the rock beach Working on it Decided to make her own inukshuk Finding an inukshuk Finding an inukshuk Adventure Trail Sitting in the school house Aria in an old school house on Manitoulin Island Crazy in the mornings This is when Aria decided to live on the trail instead of continue walking ...and right back up again The trail went down... Aria Oh modern technology Can you see the rainbow Maditory tourist shots More sketching Crazy Cousins Finding a path across the water Crayfish claw Aria taking a break Capturing the landscape Sketching Watching the waves On the shores of Lake Superior Mila's first sail Aria giving the spin jump a go Touchdown Evening swim Swim Swim Swim Swimming in the middle of the lake Swimming in the middle of the lake Swimming in the middle of the lake Aria not looking weird Aria looking cute Aria working on her crosswords Aria and Felix in the CN Tower Sailing out of Hamilton Harbour Beach day/evening Sand pits, beach day Sand castle construction Double thumbs up? Monkeys Exploring an old building Aria and Daniel swimming Overdone smiles Kids at 5th depot Sketching T-shirt twins Skating! Why so serious? Aria playing dead Aria Goalie Aria and Daniel doing some skating Skating on the lake Lunch time Aria at the beach First skate of 2021 Skating Skating Aria in a tree Aria on a bolder Ice Mask! Aria at the beach Aria on our hike Aria and Dan with the giant snowman Aria with Billy-Bob-Joe the snowman Our 8 foot snowman Aria grooving? Bottom of the hill GT Racing GT Racers Grandkids on Christmas Eve Aria and Dan flying the kite Aria with her plane Kite running Aria flying a kite Aria running around the campsite Daniel sitting on Aria in the Hammock Sitting around the fire at night Aria and Daniel tending to the fire Sitting around the fire at night Aria as Princess Mononokee Aria as Princess Mononokee Aria looking cold Snowball! First hike in the snow this fall Aria turns Eight! Cold weather sailing Daniel doing his weird finger hook look? Aria and Daniel The logical conclusion Splash! I don't even know Aria Weirdface Aria being weird Aria! Hanging out on the bow Reading on the bow Aria on the boat Bench construction Aria Jump! Lean-to Aria working on her leanto Aria in construction mode Running down the dunes He held on! We lost Daniel! Attempting to stop a wave Big Wave! Big Wave! Spinnaker sailing! Spinnaker sailing! Spinnaker sailing! Lets go! At the beach one last time Hi there Aria and Daniel at the beach on the point Lighthouse on Main Duck Island Geocaching find! Aria and Daniel Hiking Lei Line at anchor Hiking the Main Ducks Hiking along the West Beach Swimming at the Main Ducks Swimming at the Main Ducks Swimming at the Main Ducks Swimming at the Main Ducks Swimming at the Main Ducks Calm waters on Main Duck Island Throwing children Throwing children Throwing children Throwing children Throwing children Throwing children Throwing children Throwing children Walking through water Sand beach swimming Aria Mermaid? Aria standing on water Underwater Daniel Splash! Daniel Jump! Swimmers Jump! The Log Aria jumping in off the boat Aria in deep thought (maybe?) Jump in! Peace Aria underwater Clear waters in PEC Finding an old mill Out for a hike at Little Bluff Swimming off the boat Splash Felix scuba dive The scuba dive Swim time on anchor Swimming over to Nut Island Sand Castle Buried alive! Buried in Sand Catch! Aria considering life in a cave Elisa and Rohan climbing in the forest Swimming off Mermaid Island Evening swim Aria Swimming Swimming at Mermaid Island Enjoying the view Aria in the dingy Aria and Daniel swimming Aria keeping warm Spring hike near the power plant Gingerale Break Schuletüte Easter eggs found Daniel found it! Easter Egg Map Easter Egg Hunt Easter Egg Hunt Aria treading carefully in barefeet On the beach at Long Point Dad and Aria On the beach at Long Point Princess in Black! Princess in Black! Hiking around Melon Lake Aria on our Melon Lake hike Geocaching in winter Aria snow angel Aria in her ice fort Crazy Aria opening presents Cooper Christmas Photo Aria adding a christmas decoration Aria and Felix Aria's 7th Birthday party Working on the dry stone sign Hiking at Frontenac Park Aria getting a lift Aria hiking Dingy ride, quiet(er) cockpit Keeping warm Bolt Castle Underground path at Bolt Castle On the upper floors of bolt castle Working on a sand/mud castle Aria and Daniel playing on the beach Whittling Playing with fire Warming up by the fire Tending to the fire Campfire Daniel and Aria at the campsite Aria and Daniel at the portage Swimming at Loyst Lake Aria Jump! Aria tree climbing Aria and Daniel in the paddle boat Backyard camping Backyard crazy eights Aria and Daniel at the Musem Aria asleep in the dingy Ever crazy Aria Aria digging Sand castle building Building sand castles Watch out for felix :) Felix chasing kids Daniel and Aria swimming Swimming at the sand beach Dingy behind Dingy Aria checking for traffic Aria and Daniel sailing Fire at aunty Sasch's Cat nose! Aria as a cat Aria and Felix after face painting Aria loves the firemans foam Aria and Kali checking out the headsail Mud? Finding geocaches Daniel and Aria hiking Reaching a high up geocache Crazy Aria Human chair Aria and mom skating Daniel and Aria breaking ice Skating at Omi's Skating at Omi's Daniel opening presents Aria being.... Aria Old Man striking a pose Halloween Costumes Halloween Outfits Birthday Wishes Shore Fire Shore Fire Shore Fire Shore Fire Shore Fire Shore Fire Snack time Aria and Mom Sailing Hike at Puzzle Lake Aria Aria Mom, Aria and Dad Dad and Aria Crazy Aria Aria! Weird Aria Dad and Aria fishing Wagon ride Wagon ride Wagon ride Aria Head Aria and Dad sandcastles Buried Aria The Crab! Everyone going for a swim Aria and Daniel at the shore Aria at the shore Aria And Kali on the Poco Loco Aria And Kali on the Poco Loco Hammock chair on the sailboat Aria and Mom Swimming Aria and Mom Swimming Sailing Firemans foam chaos Felix and Aria Face Painting Sailing kids Aria Swimming Aria Camping Aria Portage Camping at Frontenac Park Aria and mom keeping warm First shore dinner of the season Aria with a sheet of ice Playing in the stream Story time Weird Aria being weird Aria and Daniel at Parrots Bay Brothers give the best gifts Giant monkey! Halloween Costumes Halloween costumes Woha Aria opening birthday gifts Aria's Birthday Party Aria and Mom Aria opening her birthday gift Aria! 5 year old Aria Aria playing with her new kitten Aria on Aria's Island Aria Aria Aria on a stroll Aria and Dad Aria looking a bit crazy at the sand beach Kids looking surpisingly not dirty for day 5 Daniel showing off an inchworm he found Waterfall Funny monkeys at breakfast time Aria splashing in the stream Portagers Portagers Snack break Daniel and Aira warming up by the fire Tire swing! Tire swing! Aria no-hands on the paddle board Aria and Mom making dinner Concerned look Aria and Mom canoeing Crazy Aria Sailing Swinging from the trees Swinging from the trees Felix and Aria Aria showing mom how to colour Aria on the Poco Loco Aria on the Poco Loco Aria and Daniel in the cool spring water Omi and Aria at the shore Aria sitting in her tree Aria climbing a hill at Parrots Bay Aria's first time skating Aria and Dad checking out some acorns Aria and Mom Neat bridge Geocache at Poinsett State Park Old Mill in Poinsett State Park in South Carolina Pointing out the limes on the lime tree In awe? Angry run Aria enjoying the beach Aria building sand castles Aria Boardwalk in Biscayne Hiking back Aria cooling off with some ocean breeze Aria and Mom tree climbing Canoeing in Everglades National Park Canoeing from Flamingo Center in the Everglades National Park Aria rebuilding her castle Flood! Aria and Dad building a sandcastle Aria and Dad at the beach Plaing in the ocean Construction begins Aria and Mom in the rocket garden at the Kennedy Space Center Aria excavating Bird chasing Aria looking very fearful of the big waves Aria looking very excited about the big waves Mom and Aria in Savannah Ready to go! Aria and Daniel ready for Halloween Aria not holding back Happy Birthday! and more birthday gifts Aria opening birthday gifts Aria ready with her paddle Tiny Canoe trip in Parrots bay Aria and Daniel playing on the top bunk Aria's first day of school, with her Schultüte Aria's first day of school, with her Schultüte Daniel knocking down some branches Building a tower Building a tower Aria in action Aria's favorite seat on the boat Having a little nap on the paddle home Our little chef Aria doing some fishing Aria getting a lift Scaring the fish Looking for fish Aria on the run Our troupe on the hike back Fire! Aria and Daniel collecting tiny sticks for the fire Monster in the woods Happy Daniel seconds later Sad Daniel when he first wakes up from nap Aria doing some drawing Aria and Mom hanging out around the fire Aria on the big rock Aria practicing to be a teacher We can finally sit after making it to the site Taking a break at the half way point Aria and Daniel Aria and Daniel doing some splashing Hikers Aria on the move Start of our hike to the campsite Aria on the run Nice bowtie Birthday helpers Little stream for little people Behind you! The joy of popping bubbles Bubbles! Aria and Daniel sharing Aria searching for chocolates Easter egg hunt Going for a walk down stream Splashing about Going for a walk up stream Making use of rubber boots Rock climbing Aria Aria and Dad signing a geocache log Thoughtful Aria Serious Aria It was also windy Aria enjoying some sun Making snowballs Aria and Mom Snow Angel Aria doing some exploring Aria and Daniel doing some drawing Too many cooks Marsh-mellows? Yay! Aria and Mom making some hot chocolate Robot play time Bah! Aria with her Panda and some finger painting Aria helping Dahri open presents Daniel opening gifts Eating trains Thomas Cake! Party hats Aria with her party hat on Aria and Felix Daniel and Aria, ready to open presents Play time Toddlers love plastic play food Daniel knows how this works Aria opening gifts Aria opening gifts Aria in her Christmas? outfit Aria and Daniel Tree climbing Aria having some fun climbing trees I gotta poke it to know it Aria and Daniel keeping warm with a little outdoor fire in December Out for a walk on a warm November day Aria in her airplane costume Aria in her airplane costume for Halloween Playing in the sun Building Aria doing some sawing Construction time Construction time Construction time Aria opening birthday gifts Aria's third birthday Toddler chaos Toddler kiss More cupcake nums Cupcake nums Aria Bathtime Opa giving Daniel and Aria a ride in the cart Aria playing with the rokenbok Aria doing some thanksgiving dinner prep work When Aria notices I'm taking a picture Aria monkeying around on the boat while at anchor Aria and Omi having some snacks on the foredeck Aria explaining what she is up too Aria and Mom doing some cooking Aria having a little nap Aria and Mom sailing Theone doing some sailing Three little kids ready for a wagon ride Uncle Ken's Motorbike Dad, Daryl and kids Cousin Daryl Sleepy babies in the canoe On the run Aria and Daniel exploring Aria catching some water from the tarp Aria buried in the sand Aria buried in the sand Aria with a fancy headband Daniel and Aria trying to start the Mule Aria and Daniel on the water No splashing! Aria bundled up nice and warm Cooking some Bannock Bread over the fire Aria found a small pile of acorns which were quite interesting Aria at the very top of the hill Aria doing some hiking Aria taking a rest after being carried up the hill Aria in her swimsuit Aria giving a kiss to a little kitten Aria and Daniel going for a wagon ride Daniel and Aria relaxing after some time at the beach Aria and Daniel climbing on the big rocks Aria with her caterpiller Aria in the very cold lake Aria being sweet at the beach Aria throwing some sand at the beach Aria sporting her owl shirt Aria and Mom getting feet wet Mom and Aria Daniel and Aria playing in the new sandbox Aria and Daniel in the playhouse Out for a quick paddle at Parrots Bay Aria giving some funny looks Aria and Mom walking down the stream Aria blocking some water with her stick Aria and Dad doing some splashing Aria splashing in a stream Aria found a caterpillar today More digging Aria taking a short break to pose Aria turning up the garden Aria and Daniel doing some digging Omi Aria and Auntie Aria helping Opa with gifts Oh those tounges! Happy Brithday Opa Aria making bubbles! Aria and Daniel looking for those eggs Aria on the hunt Aria adding some eggs to her basket Aria and Daniel making snowballs Aria about to smash me with a snowball Daniel at the sugarbush Aria outdoors Aria and Aunty Melinda Aria in her cool hoodie Aria keeping an eye on her little friends Aria sitting with her little camera Aria giving Ruby a rawhide Aria giving treats too the dogs Aria eating her ballon string Dad Aria and Opa after our sleigh ride Omi and Aria reading Daniel's new book Aria liked Daniel's new letter board Daniel's birthday party New toys! Cutting the beautiful cake Reading birthday cards Aria funny faces Aria cleaning up some brush Aria realizing her hands are not clean Aria and Daniel finger painting Finger painting Omie and Aria Aria and Omie opening presents Daniel and Aria Aria with her new pot set for cooking Aria with all her gifts Aria and Daniel bath time Aria and Daniel bath time Aria opening presents Big girl Aria holding baby Felix Aria making sure Felix has socks on Aria playing with Auntie's phone Daniels turn Making christmas ornaments Making christmas ornaments Daniel pointing out some numbers to Aria Daniel pushing Aria around in her baby stroller Toddlers are weird Pockets are funny Aria helping dad make dinner Aria in her dragon costume Aria and Mom ready for trick or treating Dragon trying to eat the paper bag princess Scary dragon Aria is always pretty happen getting packed around Aria and Dad Aria and Dad Babies! Aria working on her painting skills Aria and her funny faces mmm cake Sucess! Aria blowing out her brithday candle Aria opening birthday gifts Everyone sitting down for Aria's birthday dinner Daniel riding the horse Aria in thought Teenagers are weird Aria getting some use of her little chair Surprisingly Aria has not popped a balloon yet Aria, just about two! Ham! Aria and Daniel doing some cake decorating Aria geocaching Aria at Omi's for thanksgiving Aria at Thanksgiving Aria helping Serina get some socks on this big baby Mom and Aria Aria pretty proud of the geocache she found Aria sees someone taking pictures Daniel with a good looking tuft Aria at the park Aria and Mom checking out a millipede Mom and Aria Packed up and ready to head home Aria and Ezra carving sticks Aria and dad starting a morning fire Talking about fire safety Aria and Daniel enjoying some ice cream at Omi's Taking a rest from paddling Aria trying to wield the larger paddle Aria practising her paddle stroke Aria and Mom Sleepy teenager, hungry baby Daniel! Aria and Daniel Aria having lots of fun Aria cooling off Aria testing the water Aira doing some thinking The group resting in the shade Walking among the ruins Aria and Landon Aria keeping hydrated Aria and Landon strolling along Aria and Mom in a tunnel Siblings on route Aria playing in a pile of flower pedals Aria watching a friendly dog at a cafe Aria on the suspension bridge Aria leading mom across the suspension bridge Aria making sure mom doesn't rest Aria working on some stairs with mom Aria and mom Panorama of Haifa Aria reaching for the camera Aria on the run Aria and Mom Aria doing some Hiking and collecting things Aria at the base of the Baha'i gardens Aria mom and the boys, walking on ancient mosaic floors Aria and Mom at the Church of the Multiplication Aria's first time in the mediterranean Aria and Daddy nap time Aria's band of stuffies Aria in her monkey hat, holding a sock monkey Aria and teddy Aria in her monkey hat Aria doing some reading on her own Fetching a book to read Aria's surprised look Aria surveying her domain Snacking Aria Aria and Omi reading a book Aria playing in the snow mid March Aria playing in the snow mid March Lounging Aria Aria closeup Aria playing with the ball machine Aria and mom playing Aria applying a bit too much makeup Aria's concerned look Aria happy after stealing some juice Aria and her Omi Aria and mom out in the ice and snow Aria out in the snow on christmas day Bundled up sleeping baby Aria playing with some new toys Mom, Aria and Omi playing with her new tea set Aria checking out a new toy Aria and mom relaxing Aria and Opa enjoying the day Aria happy after stealing sippy cup, Daniel plots revenge No DNA test required Dainel chilling in his mario hat Daniel having some fun reading Daniel chomping on a toy Daniel and Aria play time Babies! Aria with her pointy finger Aria working on her throwing arm Always interested in the camera Lumpy Space Princess and Princess Bubblegum Halloween costumes Aria monkeying around on a rainy day Test subject #234 Aria entangled in puffy birthday decorations Aria's second birthday cake for her 1st brithday Aria's 1st birthday cake Aria Grandma and Grandpa playing with her new lego Thoughtful Aria Dad and Aria doing some hiking at Parrots Bay Aria at thanksgiving with her pumpkin Daniel wearing his bling Daniel working on the bead maze Aria and Daniel Aria spending some time in the herb garden Aria outside ready to dig up some herbs Big baby eyes Aria's seriously? face Aria looking pretty happy Aria's crazy intense face Aria's absurd face Omi and the grandbabies Aria eating some oranges on an island on Dog Lake Dad, Aria, Landon, and Ezra Aria taking a little nap at the beach Aira and Mom cooling off at the lake Aria and mom posing for a picture Making a lunge for the camera Aria opening a mail package at the park Sleeping baby There is a baby in that tent Exploring the terrain Looking for grubs Climbing on canoe Enjoying the view Aria Happy camper Big brother, little sister Aria is never too sure what I'm doing hiding behind that gadget with all the buttons Aria and mom relaxing Serina, Aria and Ezra with some nose kisses Aria is almost as tall as Ezra Omie and Aria both with big smiles Aria eyeing up omies cinnamon bun Dad and Aria Serious Aria Mom and Aria in the first snow Landon and Aria out in the snow Aria in her fancy dress for Christmas Aria in her super cute penguin hat Aria getting lots of care from her Omi and Great Aunty Aria hamming it up in the big chair Aria working on her fine motor skills Aria in her cozy bear outfit ready for the outdoors Aria and Aunty Smiling chubby cheeks Aria and Mom in the morning Aria with the long stare Aira's serious about safety Aria's goofy face Aria chilling in her bouncy chair Aria with her Grandpa Ted Aria and Mom Omi and Aria Aria taking a rest with Aunty Sascha Aria napping on Omi Aria and Mom Sheepskin makes baby tired Mom and Aria Omi always looking happy while holding Aria Epic Yawn Allen and Aria William checking out the tiny baby fingers Aria in a deep sleep Aria relaxing Omi and Aria Awake Aria Sleeping Aria Dahri and Sierra with an awake baby Aria Grandma with Aria Aria in her Halloween outfit, completely passed out Aria in cozy peanut form Aria giving Sascha a look over Great Uncle Ken with Aria Sierra and Dahri with Aria Rohan, Aria and Elisa Elisa and Aria Mike Aria and Melinda Melinda with Aria Aria getting some sleep Theone and sleepy baby Kirsten and Omi adoring baby Baby! Sierra looking very excited to hold the baby Kirsten holding baby for the first time Dahri holding Aria Nice group of flowers from everyone Aria struggling to wake up Chewing on finger Theone and sleepy baby Aria in a deep sleep Aria and Serina Sascha and Aria Sascha with two babies! Opa, Papa and Aria Aria and Papa Aria fast asleep after a long new day Theone and baby Landon and his new sister Theone, Landon, Omi, and Aria Omi and baby Mom and baby Aria Cooper