Mom and Aria in the first snow Landon and Aria out in the snow Aria in her fancy dress for Christmas Aria in her super cute penguin hat Aria getting lots of care from her Omi and Great Aunty Aria hamming it up in the big chair Aria working on her fine motor skills Aria in her cozy bear outfit ready for the outdoors Aria and Aunty Smiling chubby cheeks Aria and Mom in the morning Aria with the long stare Aira's serious about safety Aria's goofy face Aria chilling in her bouncy chair Aria with her Grandpa Ted Aria and Mom Omi and Aria Aria taking a rest with Aunty Sascha Aria napping on Omi Aria and Mom Sheepskin makes baby tired Mom and Aria Omi always looking happy while holding Aria Epic Yawn Allen and Aria William checking out the tiny baby fingers Aria in a deep sleep Aria relaxing Omi and Aria Awake Aria Sleeping Aria Dahri and Sierra with an awake baby Aria Grandma with Aria Aria in her Halloween outfit, completely passed out Aria in cozy peanut form Aria giving Sascha a look over Great Uncle Ken with Aria Sierra and Dahri with Aria Rohan, Aria and Elisa Elisa and Aria Mike Aria and Melinda Melinda with Aria Aria getting some sleep Theone and sleepy baby Kirsten and Omi adoring baby Baby! Sierra looking very excited to hold the baby Kirsten holding baby for the first time Dahri holding Aria Nice group of flowers from everyone Aria struggling to wake up Chewing on finger Theone and sleepy baby Aria in a deep sleep Aria and Serina Sascha and Aria Sascha with two babies! Opa, Papa and Aria Aria and Papa Aria fast asleep after a long new day Theone and baby Landon and his new sister Theone, Landon, Omi, and Aria Omi and baby Mom and baby Aria Cooper