Big Sandy Bay Aria and Dan on the beach Searching for the bugs that the birds are always eating 3 miles of beach to hike along Daniel and I discussing something Aria on the beach Hiking on Honeymoon Island Orion's Belt Main Duck beach day At the beach in Presqu'ile Park Looking out through the gap At the beach Aria and Theone on the rock beach Beach day/evening Sand pits, beach day Sand castle construction Aria and Daniel swimming The logical conclusion Splash! Lakeshore Beach Sunset Bench construction Sand Village plus forest Daniel Jump! Aria Jump! The man Lean-to Aria working on her leanto Danno Daniel supervising Aria in construction mode Running down the dunes He held on! We lost Daniel! Attempting to stop a wave Daniel getting hit by a wave Big Wave! Big Wave! Wave beach Lets go! Daniel collecting materials Daniel with construction material At the beach one last time Hi there Calm waters on Main Duck Island Walking through water Lei Line at anchor Sand beach swimming Aria Mermaid? Kali underwater! The Log Sand Castle Felix with no body Buried Felix Buried alive! Buried in Sand Dingy on the beach Felix! Felix at the beach Icy Beach Daniel collecting sticks for the fire Aria enjoying the beach Aria building sand castles Aria at the Far Beach in John Pennekamp State Park Aria rebuilding her castle Flood! Aria and Dad building a sandcastle Aria and Dad at the beach Plaing in the ocean Construction begins Cruise ship! Aria excavating Bird chasing Aria looking very fearful of the big waves Aria looking very excited about the big waves End of the day Don't let the waves touch your toes! Belly bump Don't let the waves touch your toes! Pregnant Theone at the beach Landon and Ezra resting after wave battle More Waves! Waves!