And, splash. Ready to jump Brockville waterfront at night Train Tunnel in Brockville Train Tunnel in Brockville Brockville Tunnel Daniel on the high ropes Daniel at Upper Canada Village Potato sack race Daniel Beach Fire Easter Family Photo Easter Family Photo Badminton! Aria and Dan on the beach Searching for the bugs that the birds are always eating Daniel and I discussing something Hiking on Honeymoon Island Swimming off the boat Something wrong with Daniel Daniel attempting a slash everyone jump Aria Splash Double Swing The mangrove swing tree Underwater Daniel Underwater jump Cannonball Dan Large chair Aria, Daniel and Coconut Dan Posing for the camera Sailing! Daniel and Theone paddleboarding Paddle boarding in the mangroves On Snake Bite Trail Hiking Mahogany Hammock Trail in Everglades National Park Snorkle Time Matching cousins Orion's Belt Daniel biking Geocaching while biking around the island Epic high five while biking And one more Cool driftwood Sketching while sitting on some driftwood Aria and Daniel at the beach on Jekyll Island Matching PJ's? Kids, and an old guy King Arthur and Patsy King Arthur and Patsy King Arthur and Patsy The boys, and Aria The little kids :) Family Group Photo! Family Group Photo! Daniel almost downing Aria and Daniel doing some sketching Blood sticks Bad Pose Dan! Aria and Daniel picking up a geocache Run! Aria and Daniel if you ask them to pose Daniel in a tree It was Murder! Sailing Dan Daniel and Aria Aria and Daniel's Fire Merry Muggins on the lake On the ice flows! Aria and Dan's stick fort Aria with a cinnamon-stash? Kidnapped! Halloween Beach day/evening Sand pits, beach day Sand castle construction Double thumbs up? Monkeys Exploring an old building Aria and Daniel swimming I'm not sure what to say T-shirt twins Skating! Daniel weird face Aria and Daniel doing some skating Daniel! Aria and Dan with the giant snowman Daniel funny walk Bottom of the hill GT Racing GT Racers Grandkids on Christmas Eve Aria and Dan flying the kite Daniel flying a kite Daniel sitting on Aria in the Hammock Sitting around the fire at night Aria and Daniel tending to the fire Sitting around the fire at night Daniel doing his weird finger hook look? Aria and Daniel Bench construction Daniel Jump! The man Lean-to Danno Daniel supervising He held on! Attempting to stop a wave Daniel getting hit by a wave Big Wave! Big Wave! Wave beach Spinnaker sailing! Spinnaker sailing! Spinnaker sailing! Spinnaker sailing! Lets go! Daniel collecting materials Daniel with construction material At the beach one last time Aria and Daniel at the beach on the point Lighthouse on Main Duck Island Geocaching find! Aria and Daniel Hiking The tower on Main Duck Island Hiking the Main Ducks Hiking along the West Beach Swimming at the Main Ducks Swimming at the Main Ducks Swimming at the Main Ducks Calm waters on Main Duck Island Throwing children Throwing children Throwing children Throwing children Throwing children Throwing children Throwing children Throwing children Walking through water Daniel hanging out on the foredeck Aria standing on water Underwater Daniel Splash! Daniel Jump! Swimmers Jump! Daniel at the mica mine Swimming off Mermaid Island Evening swim Daniel signaling something? Swimming Swimming at Mermaid Island Enjoying the view Easy downwind sailing Aria and Daniel swimming Spring hike near the power plant Gingerale Break Schuletüte Easter eggs found Daniel found it! Easter Egg Map Easter Egg Hunt Daniel collecting sticks for the fire Crazy Aria opening presents Dingy ride, quiet(er) cockpit Keeping warm Bolt Castle Underground path at Bolt Castle On the upper floors of bolt castle Working on a sand/mud castle Daniel playing in the surf Aria and Daniel playing on the beach Playing with fire Warming up by the fire Tending to the fire Campfire Daniel and Aria at the campsite Aria and Daniel at the portage Swimming at Loyst Lake Aria and Daniel in the paddle boat Backyard camping Backyard crazy eights Aria and Daniel at the Musem Daniel building sand castles Sand castle building Building sand castles Watch out for felix :) Felix chasing kids Daniel and Aria swimming Swimming at the sand beach Dingy behind Dingy Aria and Daniel sailing Daniel relaxing at the dock in Picton Finding geocaches Dan the man Daniel and Aria hiking Daniel and Aria breaking ice Daniel opening presents Daniel opening presents Daniel's Birthday Old Man striking a pose Halloween Costumes Birthday Wishes Shore Fire Shore Fire Shore Fire Shore Fire Shore Fire Snack time Daniel dropping rocks The Crab! Everyone going for a swim Strong Daniel Aria and Daniel at the shore Sailing Sailing kids First shore dinner of the season Story time Daniel working on an epic kapla tower Aria and Daniel at Parrots Bay Aria opening birthday gifts Kids looking surpisingly not dirty for day 5 Daniel showing off an inchworm he found Waterfall Funny monkeys at breakfast time Portagers Portagers Snack break Daniel and Aira warming up by the fire Tire swing! Daniel getting some air time Aria and Daniel in the cool spring water Daniel getting thrown into the lake Ready to go! Aria and Daniel ready for Halloween Happy Birthday! A wet Daniel pointing out the nature Tiny Canoe trip in Parrots bay Daniel reviewing some photos Aria and Daniel playing on the top bunk Daniel knocking down some branches Building a tower Building a tower On the lookout Daniel on the sailboat Daniel always with his Tedo Scaring the fish Looking for fish Aria on the run Our troupe on the hike back Fire! Aria and Daniel collecting tiny sticks for the fire Top of the rock, with Mr Tedo Silly Daniel Ah ha! Monster in the woods Happy Daniel seconds later Sad Daniel when he first wakes up from nap Taking a break at the half way point Aria and Daniel Aria and Daniel doing some splashing Hikers Monster! Nice bowtie Birthday helpers Little stream for little people The lightweight hammer is finally effective The joy of popping bubbles Daniel eating candy as it's found Aria and Daniel sharing Easter egg hunt Going for a walk down stream Splashing about Going for a walk up stream Making use of rubber boots Rock climbing Daniel Aria and Daniel doing some drawing Too many cooks Daniel opening gifts Eating trains Thomas Cake! Party hats Daniel looking grown up (and angry) Daniel and Aria, ready to open presents Play time Toddlers love plastic play food Daniel knows how this works The elusive running Daniel Aria and Daniel I gotta poke it to know it Aria and Daniel keeping warm with a little outdoor fire in December Sad Daniel is sad Construction time Construction time Construction time Aria opening birthday gifts Aria's third birthday Opa giving Daniel and Aria a ride in the cart Three little kids ready for a wagon ride Uncle Ken's Motorbike Daryl and Mr Daniel Dad, Daryl and kids Cousin Daryl Sleepy babies in the canoe On the run Aria and Daniel exploring Mr Daniel Daniel and Aria trying to start the Mule Aria and Daniel on the water No splashing! Aria and Daniel going for a wagon ride Daniel and Aria relaxing after some time at the beach Aria and Daniel climbing on the big rocks Daniel with his caterpillar Mom and Aria Daniel on his tractor Daniel and Aria playing in the new sandbox Daniel posing for the camera Aria and Daniel in the playhouse Daniel with his fancy hat Aria and Daniel doing some digging Oh those tounges! Happy Brithday Opa Aria and Daniel looking for those eggs Daniel hamming it up for the camera Aria and Daniel making snowballs Daniel at the sugarbush Opa and Daniel doing some woodworking Well dressed repair man Aria liked Daniel's new letter board Daniel's birthday party Daniel playing trains with Papa New toys! Daniel opening gifts Cutting the beautiful cake Reading birthday cards Happy birthday Daniel! Dan the man Aria and Daniel finger painting Daniel and Aria Aria and Daniel bath time Aria and Daniel bath time Daniels turn Making christmas ornaments Making christmas ornaments Daniel pointing out some numbers to Aria Daniel pushing Aria around in her baby stroller Toddlers are weird Aria and Daniel enjoying some ice cream at Omi's Obvious troublemaker