Crazy in the mornings On the way back down Oh modern technology Happy family Maditory tourist shots Crazy Cousins Exploring A very cool tree On the shores of Lake Superior Felix showing us his spinning top jump Touchdown Swimming in the middle of the lake Swimming in the middle of the lake Felix playing with the plastic cover on the shrowds Enjoying some lightwind sailing Aria and Felix in the CN Tower Sailing out of Hamilton Harbour Felix warming up after a swim Swimming off the boat Felix scuba dive The scuba dive Felix being ridiculously cute Swimming over to Nut Island Felix with no body Buried Felix Buried alive! Buried in Sand Felix! Felix at the beach Felix Feather Felix Feather Felix with his clam shell On the beach at Long Point On the beach at Long Point Cooper Christmas Photo Aria and Felix Felix working on the castle Sand castle building Building sand castles Watch out for felix :) Felix chasing kids Felix climbing Swimming at the sand beach Felix being a bit of a nutter Felix with his skull and cross bones Aria and Felix after face painting Felix and Aria Face Painting Camping at Frontenac Park Camping at Frontenac Park Story time Weird Felix being weird Mr Felix Felix asking questions A well dressed Felix on the run Aria and Felix Serina and Felix posing for the camera Felix having a good time camping Felix doing some camping Mr Felix Theone and baby Felix Big girl Aria holding baby Felix Aria making sure Felix has socks on