Aria Easter Hunt Back of house, bricks almost done Front of house with bricks completed Heating unit and piping half installed Living area/office with drywall Living area with drywall Landons room with drywall heating unit with some of the piping installed landon's room with drywall kitchen with drywall hung living area of house with drywall hung Drywall delivered Boiler unit for heat/hotwater Garage with insulation Siding on right side of house Spray foam insulation in the garage Spray foam on the rim joists in the basement Siding on left side of house garage openers, and bunch of junk piping for hot water heating sweet sweet ethernet power panel downstairs bathroom and utility room downstairs bedroom basement main/game room main floor main floor, view from kitchen office room view of kitchen from main room living room view from office from the street with all the windows in view from the garage front entrance from upstiars Landon in Landons room! living room windows and back doors from main floor Landon in the front entrance back of house from the basement front of the house from the basement basement getting framed in basement getting framed in front door in, basement and garage floor poured sewer and water lines from front with bedroom window installed kitchen/dinning room windows house with most of back windows installed house with shingles from back house with shingles on from front house with roof trusses up view of open joists in the basement basement office on south side of house main floor, living room main floor, future kitchen/dining room view from loft room above garage inside walls on main floor started top walls mostly up, iso board on top walls started basement from back of house basement and main floor installed garage framing up frameing of basement started foundation walls in, view from road basement with foundation walls in forms for foundation walls up forms for foundation walls up footings poured and stripped foots for foundation poured foots for foundation poured forms for foundation footings And so it begins House lot after tree removal House lot before tree removal