Nice winds in late October Brother Islands on a rainy day Crisp Fall Sailing Moonrise Sunset while on way to anchorage Night Sailing Sunset while underway Nice form And, splash. Ready to jump Swing jumping at anchor Lei Line at Singer Castle Sunset at anchor Peaceful anchor in an old canal Sailing under the bridge Industrial building past Prescott Downwind, down current spinnaker sailing Upwind motor past Brockville Anchor Wine Singer Castle Classic looking ship in the 1000 Islands Lei Line at anchor First sail of 2023 Something wrong with Daniel Aria on the boat Theone on the Helm Duck Key Our little boat, Virgina Dan Posing for the camera Theone checking out the dolphins Dolphins! Sailing! Sunset sail Sailing out through the gap Hans sailing along nicely Hans sailing along nicely Sunset on Presquille Bay Aria and Daniel doing some sketching Theone paddle boarding Lei Line at anchor in Calf Pasture Cove Lei Line at Anchor Boat tied up at the pier at the end of the Murry Canal Boat we just passed in the Murray Canal Murray Canal Blood sticks Dan! Aria carving sticks Aria on the boat Trenton Marina Sailing Aria Sailing Dan Theone on the boat Power plants over a very still lake Theone on the high side Sailing back to bath Sailing back to bath Lei Line under sail Hans and Frank sailing past me under spinnaker Hans and Frank sailing past me under spinnaker Lei Line under sail Sailing around a big ship anchored infront of lafarge Sunset on anchor at Simco Island Up the mast Lei Line up close on anchor Something is funny We make Aria do all the rowing Aria looking very proper Lei Line at Anchor Lei Line at anchor Aria and Theone on the rock beach Lei Line at Anchor Sunset at anchor Kingston at night Kingston at night Autopilot sailing the boat Weather over Amherst Island Mila's first sail Aria giving the spin jump a go Felix showing us his spinning top jump Touchdown Evening swim Sunset on anchor at Timber Island Swim Swim Swim Swimming in the middle of the lake Swimming in the middle of the lake Swimming in the middle of the lake Aria not looking weird Felix playing with the plastic cover on the shrowds Aria looking cute Aria working on her crosswords City skyline Lei Line at dock CN Tower View from the cockpit as we sail into Toronto Toronto Skyline Lifting Bridge at Hamilton Harbour Lifting Bridge at Hamilton Harbour Lifting Bridge at Hamilton Harbour Sailing out of Hamilton Harbour Tanker passing through the lifting bridge Toronto skyline Helming in weather Sailing into the sunset Timber Island Photosphere at anchor off timber island Super light wind sailing Lei Line at anchor Great sailing weather Storm in the distance Double thumbs up? Monkeys Night shot of Kingston Cold weather sailing Daniel doing his weird finger hook look? Aria and Daniel I don't even know Moon coming up over the Brother Islands Aria Weirdface Aria being weird Aria! Hanging out on the bow Sunset on our way home from Kingston Reading on the bow Aria on the boat Foggy anchorage Solo sunset sailing Solo sunset sailing Sunset sailing Sunset sailing Spinnaker sailing! Spinnaker sailing! Spinnaker sailing! Spinnaker sailing! Full sails! Lei Line at anchor Lei Line at anchor Daniel hanging out on the foredeck The Log Lei Line at anchor Swimming off the boat Swim time on anchor Lei Line alone Lei Line at anchor in Amherst Bay Lei Line at anchor in Amherst Bay Lei Line Underwater How not to anchor Lei Line Underwater Dingy on the beach Sunset from the dock Easy downwind sailing Morning coffee Aria in the dingy Aria and Daniel swimming It's a plane! Theone looking pleased Another sunset shot at anchor Aria keeping warm Sailboat sunset Line of foam Sunset coming into Bath Sunset sailing back home Hans sailing by in light winds Interesting rainbow fragment Dingy ride, quiet(er) cockpit Spinnaker! Under spinnaker Lighthouse with Osprey nest Passing under the Thousand Islands Bridge Keeping warm Sailing out front of Kingston The Rock on the way home Mast and Stars Mast and Moon At anchor in South Bay Sailing out by the Rock on PEC Making our way down the Murray Canal Lei Line at the dock in Belleville Sailing past Deseronto Ken the sailor Theone rowing Aria ashore Aria asleep in the dingy Calm Lake Ontario Extremely calm Lake Ontario Lei Line at anchor Daniel and Aria swimming Aria checking for traffic Aria and Daniel sailing Daniel relaxing at the dock in Picton Aria and Kali checking out the headsail Our new sailboat, Lei Line Solo Sail Home Poco Loco Mainsail Brother Islands Aria and Mom Sailing Aria And Kali on the Poco Loco Other boats in Kerr Bay Aria And Kali on the Poco Loco Sailing home Hammock chair on the sailboat Sailing, with Hans right behind us Sailing kids Theone sailing with a bit of heel The Poco Loco at anchor Theone working on her rowing Aria on the Poco Loco Aria on the Poco Loco Out for a sail in Biscayne National Park Aria's favorite seat on the boat Daniel on the sailboat Aria monkeying around on the boat while at anchor Aria and Omi having some snacks on the foredeck Aria and Mom sailing Tall ship out on the lake Theone doing some sailing