Just our for a ride Peaceful anchor in an old canal Anchor Wine Big Sandy Bay Easter Family Photo Easter Family Photo Hiking was beautiful with the fresh snow Swimming off the boat Theone on the Helm Daniel attempting a slash everyone jump Aria Splash Theone checking out the dolphins Daniel and Theone paddleboarding Paddle boarding in the mangroves Hiking Mahogany Hammock Trail in Everglades National Park Geocaching while biking around the island Theone on the beach Liam looking right at me! Checking things out Family Group Photo! Family Group Photo! Theone enjoying a swim Theone paddle boarding Theone looking joyfully at the kids Theone on the boat Theone paddleboarding Main Duck beach day Theone on the high side Something is funny Aria looking very proper Aria and Theone on the rock beach Can you see the rainbow Swimming in the middle of the lake Helming in weather Great sailing weather T-shirt twins Skating! First skate of 2021 Skating Skating Sitting around the fire at night Sitting around the fire at night Snowball! First hike in the snow this fall Aria turns Eight! Cold weather sailing Reading on the bow Hiking the Main Ducks Hiking along the West Beach Calm waters on Main Duck Island Theone enjoying some time floating behind the boat Theone taking a rest Out for a hike at Little Bluff The scuba dive Swimming over to Nut Island Buried in Sand Enjoying the view Morning coffee Theone looking pleased On the beach at Long Point Princess in Black! Geocaching in winter Theone keeping warm Baby Mila with Theone Hiking at Frontenac Park Aria getting a lift Bolt Castle On the upper floors of bolt castle Theone happy to finally be sailing to a destination Swimming at Loyst Lake Backyard crazy eights Building sand castles Mud? Pile up Aria and mom skating Skating at Omi's Halloween Outfits Aria and Mom Sailing Hike at Puzzle Lake Mom, Aria and Dad Wagon ride Wagon ride Wagon ride Aria and Mom Swimming Aria and Mom Swimming Cheesy couples photo Theone enjoying the view Rock beach on Georgian Bay Theone checking how far down that is Theone at Stormhaven Aria's first time skating Aria and Mom doing some cooking Aria mom and the boys, walking on ancient mosaic floors Aria and Mom at the Church of the Multiplication Belly bump Pregnant Theone at the beach Theone with half a baby Theone and her Dad cooking Stop for lunch About to embark on our trip Theone and Heidelburg Theone with Rudesheim in the background Theone near Assmanhausen Dinner at Paschenburg restaurant Theone checking out the view Windy view from Schaumburg castle