Aria and Dan on the beach Searching for the bugs that the birds are always eating 3 miles of beach to hike along Daniel and I discussing something Aria on the beach Hiking on Honeymoon Island Few Alligators in Big Cypress Ton of fish in a little stream in Big Cypress A bunch of Florida Gar in Big Cypress Swimming off the boat Boggie Board Something wrong with Daniel Aria on the boat Theone on the Helm Duck Key Our little boat, Virgina These little guys were all along the mud walls of the mangrove stream Mangrove seedling taking root underwater Daniel attempting a slash everyone jump Aria Splash Double Swing Aria just above the water The Crab The mangrove swing tree Underwater Daniel Aria mid plunge Underwater jump Cannonball Dan Tarzan Large chair Aria, Daniel and Coconut Beachfront at our cottages Dan Posing for the camera Theone checking out the dolphins Dolphins! Sailing! Daniel and Theone paddleboarding Mangroves In the magroves Paddle boarding in the mangroves Major Ant Battle on Snakebite Trail On Snake Bite Trail View from the end of Snake Bite Trail in Everglades National Park Hiking Mahogany Hammock Trail in Everglades National Park Hiking Mahogany Hammock Trail in Everglades National Park Snorkle Time Matching cousins Orion's Belt Horton House on Jekyll Island Cool fog rolling in Daniel biking Geocaching while biking around the island Epic high five while biking And one more Cool driftwood Sketching while sitting on some driftwood Aria looking unsafe Theone on the beach Aria and Daniel at the beach on Jekyll Island Aria getting some sleep on the trip down to Florida View from Manitou Mountain Lookout Theone and the kids at the Manitou Mountain Lookout Theone and Kids at Manitou Mountain Lookout Theone enjoying the view Theone enjoying the view View from eagles nest lookout Me, on the internet Small lake near calabogie Long day of biking and geocaching Boys on the train, back to Nienburg from Switzerland Bus on the Furka Pass Typical Driving on the passes Inside the Glacier Walking down to the Glacier Glacier at Belvedere on the way up the Furka Pass View back down the vally from Belvedere on the way up the Furka Pass Road to Grimsel Pass View of the Furka Pass from the vally in Gletsch Kids trying to stay warm at Grimsel Pass View from top of Grimsel Pass Grimsel Pass Lake at Grimsel Pass Grimsel Pass Grimsel Pass View from our Hotel in Saanen Ezra on the trail Waterfall Glacier retreat Grindenwald Lower Grindenwald Glacier The rental car (Ford Focus) along the Susten Pass Near the top of the Susten Pass Picture of Theone and the Boys Picknick area along the St Gotthard Pass St Gotthard Pass View from our Hotel in Porlezza Italy Where my Oma grew up Our rental car Hans (my Oma's brother), and Theone View of Lake Zurich and the vally House just up from the Orchard Our sleeper car bunk Theone and Boys find a geocache Danish Bridge Magma enjoying two pepsi's View down the Rhine Die ZauberHohle Faxe 1L Cans The dome from outside Bundestag seating Inside the glass dome on the Reichstag Building Berliner Dom from the steps of the Altes Museum Altes Museum Berliner Dom Berliner Dom Remaining section of the berlin wall Canada graffitied on the berlin wall Storks nest Dogs napping in the heat Bench area along Weser just outside Drakenburg A hog farm with solar Stopped along the Weser Cows across the Weser Biking outside of Drakenburg plane landing coming into airport 20100706_021.jpg over frankfurt over frankfurt over frankfurt coming into frankfurt coming into frankfurt 20100706_015.jpg 20100706_013.jpg on our way to frankfurt 20100706_011.jpg just above the clouds 20100706_009.jpg 20100706_008.jpg 20100706_006.jpg 20100706_005.jpg flying into europe 20100706_003.jpg the shores of the netherlands view from the plane just before reaching europe Landon's class at the scotiabank place War museum architecture War museum