gtk.gdk.Color — an object holding color information


class gtk.gdk.Color(gobject.GBoxed):
    gtk.gdk.Color(red=0, green=0, blue=0, pixel=0)

    def gtk.gdk.color_parse(spec)


"pixel"Read-WriteThe pixel value of the color
"red"Read-WriteThe value of the red component of the color
"green"Read-WriteThe value of the green component of the color
"blue"Read-WriteThe value of the blue component of the color


A gtk.gdk.Color contains the values of a color that may or may not be allocated. The red, green and blue attributes are specified by an unsigned integer in the range 0-65535. The pixel value is an index into the colormap that has allocated the gtk.gdk.Color. Typically a color is allocated by using the gdk.Colormap.alloc_color() method. Unallocated colors can be used to specify the color attributes of gtk.Style objects since these colors will be allocated when an attempt is made to use the gtk.Style object.


    gtk.gdk.Color(red=0, green=0, blue=0, pixel=0)
red :The red color component in the range 0-65535
green :The green color component in the range 0-65535
blue :The blue color component in the range 0-65535
pixel :The index of the color when allocated in its colormap
Returns :a new gtk.gdk.Color object

Creates a new gtk.gdk.Color object with the color component values specified by red, green and blue (all default to 0) and using the pixel value specified by pixel. The value of pixel will be overwritten when the color is allocated.



    def gtk.gdk.color_parse(spec)
spec :a string containing a color specification
Returns :a gtk.gdk.Color object

The gtk.gdk.color_parse() method returns the gtk.gdk.Color specified by spec. The format of spec is a string containing the specification of the color either as a name (e.g. "navajowhite") as specified in the X11 rgb.txt file or as a hexadecimal string (e.g. "#FF0078"). The hexadecimal string must start with '#' and must contain 3 sets of hexadecimal digits of the same length (i.e. 1, 2 ,3 or 4 digits). For example the following specify the same color value: "#F0A", "#FF00AA", "#FFF000AAA" and "#FFFF0000AAAA". The gtk.gdk.Color is not allocated.

This function raise the ValueError (TypeError prior to PyGTK 2.4) exception if unable to parse the color specification