2024 solar eclipse

We had a full solar eclipse on April 8th, and we were lucky to be in the path to totality! We had a nice afternoon by the lake and enjoyed the eclipse. It was looking like it might have been covered by the clouds but we got lucky and it was clear enough to see during totality.

Wasn't really setup for any good photography, but we got a picture of the start of the eclipse, you can see the moon starting to cover the sun at the bottom right:

start of solar eclipse


And this was the view during totality:

view of totality


During the last partial eclipse I posted our solar production graph, so I figured I'd do the same here as well. This is the solar production on our roof during the eclipe. Unfortunately it was a bit cloudy so it's not nearly as obvious but it's still kind of neat. You can see the dip down to zero during maximum eclipse which was at 15:23.

solar production graph for april 8th

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