Korting Scandia MX stereo console refinishing

I inherited this Korting Scandia MX stereo console from my grandfather. He had bought this back in his youth and had held onto it for a long time. It was in pretty rough shape, but I've been working away on it on and off over the course of a year, and finally completed it early this year. Lots of cleaning, sanding, patching up nicks and scratches, and then finally re-varnishing.

In the gallery you can see where it started and the finished product at the end. The turntable, radio and amp I removed and sold on ebay. Restoring antique electronics isn't something I'm ready to take on. I did keep the speakers though, and have them hooked up to a nice little amp from triart, and I'm providing music via a raspberry running squeezelite. I'm super impressed with the sound quality considering how old these speakers are.

Nice to have this restored and in our living room now. Should be good for a few more decades at least.

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