new blog

This site has been broken for the past year or so, after upgrading some systems and pyblosxom no longer working. I think that project is mostly dead now and getting it running started to look to be more work than it was worth.

For a long time I've been considering moving to a static site generator after reading about them many years ago. Seems like a nice simple option and I like the idea of not needing to host some complicated software that needs updating, etc.

So after a bit of poking around I've come to find Pelican, which is now what this site is being generated with. This had the added benefit of using reStructuredText which I'm somewhat familiar with and had been using with more recent posts in pybloxom. So I was able to import some of those posts with minimal effort as well. Hacked together a simple enough theme using bootstrap5 and this seems to be working well enough now too.

I probably won't post here any more often then I used too, but at least now I can :)

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